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Beads Baubles and Jewels

Next Airing: Sun, Nov 29th, 2020 at 4:00 AM on UEN-TV

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You already love beading and now you'll love watching Beads Baubles, and Jewels. Beading is a trend in fashion, accessories and home decor. Seemingly, you can't open a fashion magazine, or stroll down the aisles of a store without seeing beads. Beading is culturally diverse, echoing designs from all over the world. Beading is the easy way to accessorize clothing or decor with personal expression. And that is what Beads Baubles, and Jewels is all about: education, inspiration, and personal expression.


  • City Living

    Being in the city inspires a whole different vibe to your design. Kate Richbourg is inspired by commerce and the use of coins all over the world - using coins to make buttons and clasps. Then part 2 of fabrication with Julie Sanford. Turn all of those wires into a cuff. We finish up with Tammy Honaman and making chain using metal.

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  • Southwest

    Travel is not required to develop a sense of place, certain colors and materials might be the look you gravitate towards. This episode looks at southwest designs and its distinctive color palette and patterns. First, it's knitting with wire with Sara Oehler for a southwest look. Then meet Tracy Gonzales and a curved feather bracelet. Finally Kate Richbourg has a bonus lesson to share. Desert landscapes and warm colors provide today's sense of place!

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  • Excursions

    Excursions of all kinds whether online, in books or via photos can help us develop our sense of place. Today's designers have 2 different journeys for their inspiration. Lindsay Burke looks to a favorite ocean front locale to create her piece from resin. Then Kate Richbourg shares a design she calls Odyssey using waxed linen and beads for a very international vibe.

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  • India

    India has its own original look, or we should say multiple looks! Whether bold jewel tones, musical metals and bells, or a more mystical element, this is a style easily recognized. Kate Richbourg demonstrates Bollywood bracelets. Then Kim O'Neill introduces us to prayer beads or malas - a traditional tool used to count the number of times a mantra is recited, or breaths while meditating.

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  • Ice Castles

    Developing your sense of place also includes those imaginary locations you see only in your mind. In this episode we explore ice castles, or more accurately, cold and ice, conjuring up clean lines, colors of white, silver and blue, and sunlight shimmering on snow or ice. Lindsay Burke begins with an architecture inspired necklace highlighted by crystals. Then it's 3 quick projects with Leslie Rogalski featuring crystals and tools. Finally Tammy Honaman makes chain with loops and crystals.

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  • Stages

    Not all places are actual locations! We extend our sense of place to techniques and styles that happen in stages. Just as our design style evolves over time, so do many projects plus our own jewelry making can take many turns from hobby to business. The first guest today is Robin Kramer for a more business-like approach to jewelry making and what it takes to develop a cohesive collection. Then Leslie Rogalski has a project on an endless loom - just when do you stop? Learning to know when is another part of design.

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  • A Breath of Fresh Air

    Sometime all we need is a walk outside to jump start our creativity. A simple breath of fresh air clears our head and allows to ideas to form. Nature all by itself is inspiring. Today Nealay Patel uses the branches of a tree to prompt a design for a necklace. Then leaves motivate Candie Cooper to create fringed leather leaf earrings. Finally Tammy Honaman has peyote with a twist.

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  • Exotic Travels

    Sometimes we get our sense of place right at home and other times our motivation comes from far off places and a sense of the exotic ; something different from our every day. In this episode designers moved beyond their comfort zone. Up first Tracy Gonzales creates hamsa earrings featuring sari silk. Then Nealay Patel is back with earrings inspired by the exotic peacock. Finally Tammy Honaman has tips for hiding fibers with an exotic and international flare when using a loom.

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  • On Your Wrist

    This season we're exploring how to develop your sense of place and how it influences our design. One factor we haven't touched upon is designing with a strong focus on the end product and its use. Today is all about cuffs. They provide a different surface and a design aesthetic based on their shape. Leslie Rogalski is first with centerline cuffs with a Native American design. Then Candie Cooper uses leather for her cuff design. Finally Tammy Honaman is back for another short lesson, featuring safety tips for working with enamel.

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  • All in a Day's Work

    Do you consider yourself a jewelry artist? Is jewelry your hobby or day to day job? What happens when your hobby and leisure activity becomes a real business, how does that change your style? This episode explores 2 aspects of making jewelry making your career. First Robin Kramer offers suggestions for developing a booth; what components you need for a successful venue to sell your creations. Then Brenda Schweder shares her tips for making live videos - an integral part of marketing your work to a larger audience online and thru social media. Finally Tammy Honaman returns with a continuation of her enamel lesson and the basics to getting started.

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  • Peaceful Pursuit

    In this episode we investigate peaceful pursuits - when the actual making along with the finished product give us a sense of peace and a calm. Kim O'Neill demonstrates a piece entitled "breathe deep for calming" and adding scents to a lava rock bracelet. Then meet Jill Wiseman for bead weaving - the back and forth repetition can give that sense of peace. Finally Kate Richbourg creates bead lariats in intricate patterns but simply constructed.

    Next Airing: Mon, Feb 1st, 2021 at 5:00 PM on UEN-TV
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  • By The Sea

    What could be more inspiring than the sights and sounds of the ocean that evoke a sense of calm? Tammy Honaman is up first with a metal clay project inspired by her love of the sea. Then meet Sara Oehler for a seed bead revolution featuring the calming colors of blue and green.

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  • Industrial

    Visit the factories and industrial manufacturing plants for a more gritty inspiration. Brenda Schweder creates statement pieces with the wire wrapping techniques. Then meet Julie Sanford for part 1 of the fundamentals of fabrication using found metal and wire. Finally Tammy Honaman has a lesson on texture hammers.

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  • It's All Relative

    Shape and scale play an important role in all types of art but they are even more important in beads. We begin with our bead material guide and carved beads. Then Allie Buchman joins us for a tutorial on Czech bead shapes. Next Ashley Bunting creates basic wire frames to make earrings. We finish up with peyote basics from Tamara Honaman and the art of color and edging.

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  • Making Art Accessible

    A key to making art accessible is to introduce it to our daily life. We begin with cast metal beads and pendants in our final bead inspiration. Then Jackie Truty introduces us to the technique of scraffito, using it to make plates to adorn our home. We end with Candie Cooper and a geometric bohemian necklace with a simple design easy enough for beginners.

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  • Modern Ingenuity

    This season is all about learning from the masters but we'd be remiss if we didn't also take time to feature some modern ingenuity. Katie takes a look at beads inspired by Monet as a nod to the past. Then Aja Vaz brings us into the current world with modern torches and making tube shaped beads. Then Katie is back with old meets new, as we look at new ways to set crystals. Finally Tamara shows us new and old loom types.

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  • The Artistic Process

    Making art is a process that requires start to finish instructions. Tamara Honaman is up first with the basics of bead embroidery - what you need, the tools, and various finishes and shapes. Then meet Katie Baum as she takes you through a sterling ring from start to finish - learn about kilns and working in sterling.

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  • Time for Art

    When you talk about art, we often imagine a painstaking process that takes a lot of time, but today's artists are here to show speedy techniques that still create beautiful works of art! Wyatt White starts us out with 4 projects. They are super-fast and introduce a new technique. Then Eva Sherman has tips for soldering jump rings, make a lot to start and then get creative. Tamara Honaman finishes up with ways to bring mixed media into your jewelry with resin. The process is super-fast minus the drying time.

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  • Wire As The Artists Muse

    Inspiration can come from a style, an artist, or the material itself. Today's artists get their creative jump start from wire. Our feature bead type is lamp work beads and soft glass vs borosilicate. Then, artist Brenda Schweder is back with a Calder inspired modern, wire art necklace. Then, inventor Wyatt White takes wire weaving to a new level making an intricate bangle.

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