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Zula Patrol

Grade Levels: K - Pre K
Core Subject(s): Science
Next Airing: Tue, Jul 31st, 2018 at 12:30 PM on UEN-TV
Length: 00:28:40
Usage rights: 9/1/2014 to 4/1/2019

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A COMET'S TALE: When a comet passes near Zula, Zeeter decides she wants to race it. But when Zeeter, Wizzy and Wigg get too close, their Space Ship starts to freeze and they are forced to land on the comet. Bula, Multo, and Gorga's mission is to assist their Team in returning safely home to Zula. THIS LOOKS LIKE A JOB FOR THE ZULA DUDES: In his latest attempt to take over the Universe, Dark Truder empties out the Asteroid Belt, sending all the asteroids in the direction of Planet Zula. The ZP uses Multo's latest invention "The Multo-Grabber" to grab all the Asteroids and return them to their proper home.



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