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Beyond Our Borders

Utah Instructional Media Consortium
Grade Levels: 6 - 13+
Core Subject(s): Social Studies
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American students retain geography and history information better when they experience living images of world cultures. These 33 programs about some of the world's major countries help students understand other peoples' environments, values, and significant historical contributions. They also feature information-rich maps that clarify geographical data such as a country's global location, major regions, and important cities. The scripts and narrators reflect indigenous cultures, but each program uses language appropriate for North American classrooms.


  • Portugal

    Portugal's treasures begin to mount once you step onshore at Cascais or the Algarve. The wealth turns green in the sheltered forests of Sintra, and then flows deep red with the port wines of The Duoro. Touring Portuguese ruins, castles and cathedrals is always a valuable experience, but it's made all the more so when they're Roman or Moorish and just around the corner in Lisbon or Evora. And if Portugal needed one jewel more, it might be found in Aveiro, The Venice of Portugal.

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  • Scotland

    There's more to Scotland than haggis and kilts. So, here's a chance to watch everything you wanted to learn about Scotland, but forgot to ask. Like, who invented golf? Why are Aberdeen buildings made of granite? Is there a Loch Ness monster? Who was Bonnie Prince Charlie? Learn the answers to these questions and more as you travel to Glasgow, Inverness, Edinburgh, the Hebrides and the Isle of Skye, among other unique and beautiful places.

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  • South Korea

    Populous modern Seoul offers startling contrast to the serenity of the South Korean countryside. With both ultra-modern cities and mist-shrouded pastoral tableaus, her people balance an abiding respect for nature and tradition with a zeal for global success in tech and other industries. Visit Inch'on and Mt. Soraksan National Park, see the Copper Buddha, learn the history behind Tumuli Park, and finally arrive at Pusan. Sample cosmopolitan delights and otherworldly tranquility where monks invite weary guests to stay the night at mountain temples so they too can learn the truth behind Korea's claim to be the Land of the Morning Calm.

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  • Puerto Rico

    The 16th century fortress of El Morro once held off would-be conquerors. Its sole function now is to give picturesque welcome. Old San Juan's charms have aged very well - you needn't look any further than Casa Blanca, where governors long past lived. Savor serenity that's lasted one thousand years in the groves of the Yunque National Rainforest - where the trees were young in the 1st millennium. Learn about the early explorers who founded Puerto Rico, and tour such sites as Ponce's Museum of Art, the Tibes Indian Ceremonial Center, Boqueron, Bahia Salinas, San German and Porto Coelhi, the oldest continually occupied church in the New World.

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  • Virgin Islands

    The U.S. Virgin Islands are a part of the Lesser Antilles Island chain and lie to the east of Puerto Rico where the Atlantic meets the Caribbean. Visit the lively port of Charlotte Amalie and historic Fort Christian, then board a small, sleek submarine to observe the teeming marine life up-close without having to dip a toe into water. Next up is the island of St. John for a hike through a tropical wilderness, then snorkel along underwater trails near Buck Island and explore a sugar plantation on St. Croix.

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  • Malaysia

    Gilded minarets and opulent temples sit side by side with sleek high-rises in the modern capital of Kuala Lumpur, but the surprising contrasts and the completely unexpected seem to be the norm here. Intricate Hindu shrines are hidden deep within the limestone recesses of the Batu Caves, and devout worshippers burn paper money in the Malaccan Temple of Bright Clouds. Finally, a mysterious longboat journey deep into the jungles of Borneo brings you face-to-face with former headhunters.

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  • Bali

    Bali occupies an almost lyrically mythic place in the world's collective imagination, and yet it's a place where real people have lived, worked, and raised families while building a society and culture over four thousand years old. We'll learn about Ubud, the country's cultural center, where Bali's unique traditions of painting, poetry and dance flourish. We'll visit the rice terraces overlooking the temple at Lake Bratan, the beaches of Sanur, the port of Singaraja, slumbering volcanoes, and more.

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  • Uzbekistan

    Journalist and travel expert Rudy Maxa follows the route of ancient caravans on the Silk Road, and passes through the heart of a country that's an emerging economy in Central Asia. Along the way, he stops at painstakingly restored, centuries-old mosques. He's also invited to join a family for the preparation of the national dish "plov," and later visits the yurt of a nomadic family living on an isolated desert plain. The storybook adventure continues through Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva.

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  • Czech & Slovak Republics

    East meets West, and treasures of the Old World are rediscovered. The two republics, previously conjoined as the Soviet satellite Czechoslovakia, continue their successful transitions to democracy - to the benefit of everyone. The stories behind the long struggle for freedom are interwoven with visits to Prague, Slovakia's Tatra Mountains, the Punkva Cave network and the Macocha Abyss outside Brno. Revived cultural touchstones and traditions are presented throughout the program.

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  • Guatemala & Belize

    This area was the ancestral home of the ancient Mayas - a sophisticated culture that flourished for 10,000 years. Before its decline around 950 A.D. the Mayan civilization had developed advanced mathematics, astronomy, architecture and building techniques that still amaze present-day scientists. The civilization may have faded away, but ancient pyramids, observatories, temples and other ruins can be found throughout the area. So can Mayan descendants: today's Guatemalans and Belizeans.

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  • Lithuania

    From its creation by King Mindaugas in 1253 as the Kingdom of Lithuania to the modern day, Lithuania has been at the centerpoint of European politics. Invaded by the Germans in World War II and annexed by the Soviets at the war’s end, Lithuania became the first Soviet republic to proclaim its independence in 1990. Today, it remains strongly democratic and progressive, with thriving cities like its capital, Vilnius, but the land is still dotted with castles that harkens back to stormier times.

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  • Kenya

    Take a grand tour of some of the wildest wildlife in creation. The Nairobi National Park and the nearby Masai Mara Game Reserve feature exceptional populations of lions, cheetahs, gazelle, wildebeest, leopards, rhinos, zebra, elephants, and crocodiles. Amboseli National Park boasts more of the same with the added bonus of Mt. Kilimanjaro providing dramatic background. Cross the equator to see two more reserves, then take a side trip to Lake Nakuru to see the gathering of millions of flamingoes.

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  • Austria

    Austria dates back to the time of the Roman Empire, when a Celtic kingdom was conquered by the Romans in approximately 15BC. Its past as a European power and its cultural environment have generated a broad contribution to various forms of art, most notably among them music. Austria has been the birthplace of many famous composters, including Joseph Haydn and Wolfgang Mozart.

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  • China

    China has the world's fastest growing economy, yet is also has many ancient traditions. Beginning in Bejing, and proceeding through China's rural villages, we see the many ancient and modern traditions that influence Chinese culture.

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  • Costa Rica

    With plenty of active volcanoes, lush tropical rain forests, and more than 1400 miles of coastline on both the Caribbean See and the Pacific Ocean, modern-day Costa Rica is a major destination on both the ecotourism and outdoor adventure circuits. Nearly 25 percent of the land area is protected in national parks and other designated areas, providing ideal conditions for its abundant biodiversity to thrive. With an average daily temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit, it's something of a paradise for our species, too.

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  • Finland

    This prosperous Nordic country is renowned for its civil liberties and high quality of life, all of which is on display in its thriving cities. Helsinki and Turku on the Gulf of Finland, and Tampere further inland project modern images with glimpses of the past. Historic Jyvaskyla and Savonlinna in the Finnish Lakeland are set among the thousands of lakes left behind by the Ice Age. The northernmost province is Lapland, home to herds of reindeer grazing an unspoiled wilderness above the Arctic Circle.

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  • India

    India is one of the most diverse nations on earth, the result of many historical invasions that brought new peoples and cultures. How these influences have impacted modern India, and how it reacts to influences from other modern cultures is discussed.

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  • Iran

    Iran (formerly Persia) is a land of contrasts— ancient and modern. Informative maps pinpoint Iran's major cities. Archival footage, artworks, and artifacts chronicle Iran's tumultuous past, while contemporary footage reveals how ancient traditions and modern ways coexist.

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  • Ireland

    This is a vivid celebration of a vibrant people, their living heritage and the loveliest of landscapes. Take in marvels by the sea such as the ancient Aran Islands, the Giant's Causeway, and the Ring of Kerry, 179 scenic kilometers tracing the Iveragh Peninsula. There are legendary castles, too, like the mighty Rock of Cashel, and the castles of Blarney and Dromoland. Learn the secrets of the fine crystal-making at Waterford, and visit Dublin, Belfast, the Iveragh Peninsula, Cork, Aran, Inishmore, Pettigo and more.

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  • Jamaica

    Originally settled by the Arawak Indians, Jamaica was later colonized by both the Spanish and the British, who imported slaves from Africa to work the banana and coffee plantations. See some of the historical remnants of this era in the plantation houses of Ocho Rios, Kingston and Port Antonio, and discover the natural beauty of the island with Dunn's River Falls, Rio Grande, and the Blue Mountains. Also, learn what impact George Stiebel and Bob Marley had on the island.

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  • Jordan

    Jordan is a monarchy and one of the key countries of the Middle East. Its history includes many influential events. Part of it is the land of the Old Testament, but the capital, Amman, reveals western influences along with Arabic and Islamic faces and cultures.

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  • Low (Benelux) Countries

    Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg, historically small and relatively weak Low Countries (near or below sea level), formed the Benelux union in 1947. They have contributed much to the industry of Europe, and the similarities and differences among them are revealed in urban and rural environments.

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  • Mexico

    From the arid deserts of the North to the Lacandon rainforests of the South, Mexico's varied geography and history come into view. Spanish language and culture dominate, but many Indian groups and traditional indigenous influences persist.

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  • Morocco

    Morocco has been a bridge across European, North African, and Arabic cultures, and some of these historic traditions can still be seen in old marketplaces, mosques, and desert camel herders. This land has fertile valleys and mountain ranges as well as deserts.

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  • Myanmar

    Outstanding photography of the geography of the resource-rich country provides an illuminating introduction to Burmese culture and politics. The first section, on Myanmar's history, reviews the legacy of the British colonial system.

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  • Nepal and Kashmir

    Glimpses of life in the Himalayas are offered for study. These include the ancient agricultural and social traditions reinforcing the bonds of remote mountain communities, the difficulties undertaken by Buddhist pilgrims to mountain temples, and the challenges facing nomadic herdsmen. See the Festival of Indra Jatra, learn about the Ghurkas, pay a visit to Royal Chitwan National Park, and climb Mount Everest, the world's tallest peak.

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  • New Zealand

    This two-island nation varies from Alpine landscapes in the south to breathtaking coasts in the north. The British heritage and native Maori culture intermingle in seeming harmony. New Zealand's economy is largely self-sufficient, but also global.

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  • Norway

    Norway - home to magnificent glacial fjords and a people who find inspiration in nature and family. Explore bustling Oslo, a city of lakes, islands and a thriving cultural scene. Visit the Munch museum and take in a night of Ibsen at the National Theatre. See Bergen's colorful waterfront, the Nidaros Cathedral in historic Trondheim, and the awesome beauty of Geiranger Fjord. Follow the history of skiing at Lillehammer, and learn about Thor Heyerdahl at the Kon Tiki Museum.

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  • Peru

    It's Inca heritage makes Peru one of the most important Latin American countries, but it's Spanish heritage can be seen in cities like Cuzco and Lima. The Amazon jungle and rubber barons' buildings reveal even more diversity in this land where the past still lives in the present.

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  • Phillipines

    The Philippine's Spanish past can be seen in many places, but its 7,000 islands reveal many indigenous cultures in a terrain of great variety. We visit the largest island, Luzon, with it's capital, Manila, as well as remote tribal villages and settlements.

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  • Poland

    Poland has been invaded and occupied by many other countries, yet has maintained its own proud heritage. Roman Catholic roots are seen, Auschqitz reveals it's darker history, while pristine natural areas and burgeoning industrial enterprises show its variety and vitality.

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  • Russia

    After countless rulers, decades of Communism, and former domination of Eastern Europe, Russia remains the world's largest sovereign landmass. We see Russia's most important regions and natural wonders, and the new free enterprise.

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  • Scandinavia

    Denmark, Sweden, and Norway are Europe's 'north countries', which have varied and beautiful landscapes, high standards of living, and the remains of significant histories. We learn about the major cities, rural economies, and natural spaces of each.

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  • South Africa

    South Africa has a conflicted past, a beautiful landscape, and Africa's strongest economic engine. We learn about its various ethnic groups, African, Indian, and European, that give the country both vitality and instability.

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  • Spain

    Spain's history emerges by visiting its most important regions and cities, starting with Madrid, moving to Avila and other cities in the north, then to the south in Andalusia, and finally, Barcelona and one of Spain's most dissident cultural regions, Catalonia.

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  • Switzerland

    Switzerland is small, but important for its banking and other business and technical skills. Its cities reveal both history and modernism, and stunning Alpine settings make it a destination for many visitors.

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  • Taiwan

    Known as the Ilha Formosa, or Beautiful Island, Taiwan is a lesson in contrasts--ancient and modern, bustling cities and peaceful retreats. These contrasts are explored with visits to such places as Taipei, said to be the second most densely populated city in the world, and the historical city of Tainan. Alishan, Beitou, Taroko Gorge, Penghu Island, Yenshui, and festivals at Taitung and Pingshi offer an additional glimpse into Taiwanese culture.

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  • Thailand

    Bangkok displays a rich history and imperial culture, but there are also many hill tribes in the north of Thailand where silk weaving, orchid farming, and traditional arts and crafts are witnessed. We see many examples of ancient monumental art and architecture.

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  • Tibet

    A unique view of Tibet and the Tibetan people focuses on ancient agricultural and social traditions, which provide unity and self-sufficiency in remote mountain communities. A group of Tibetans are followed on their arduous journey down narrow mountain pathways and across the raging Yarlung Tsangpo River to worship the Buddha. Emancipated Tibetan women are shown carrying heavy loads and acting as the final arbiter in family decisions. A brief section films Tibetan nomads and their dependency on the yak. The holy city of Lhasa boasts key tourist sites, such as the market, the Jokhang Temple, and the Potala Palace. Evidence of the Communist takeover is everywhere, including shopping malls, restaurants where Chinese is spoken, and in the countryside, where Tibetan forests have been ravaged to support the Chinese economy. A brief introduction to the Dalai Lama closes the program, and his message of world peace advises Tibetans to promote a spirit of non-violence, in spite of Chinese abuses.

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  • Turkey

    Istanbul, with over 15 million people, has been a world city since it became the Roman capital of Byzantium, changing during the Middle Ages to Eastern Orthodox Christian Constantinople, and then in 1453 to Muslim Turkish Istanbul. Many viewers are surprised to learn how tolerant and open Istanbul and parts of Muslim Turkey are, but we see how its multicultural history may have helped this secular state to become the crossroads between Europe and Asia. The southwestern coast of Turkey has numerous Greek and Roman ruins because these classical civilizations established colonies here, beginning many cultural interactions between the East and the West.

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  • Ukraine

    Ukraine has often been threatened by its larger Russian neighbor as well as by other invaders, despite being Europe's second vastest country. Its greatest city, Kiev, has its own renown and historical treasures, as have other cultural and environmental sites.

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  • Vietnam

    Beginning in Saigon and ending in Hanoi, this program films life in Vietnam today, capturing the optimistic attitude and entrepreneurial spirit of the Vietnamese people, who remain positive despite ever-present reminders of the horrors of the Vietnam War. Rice farming on the Mekong Delta, rush hour traffic in Saigon, French architecture, and markets full of electronic goods start the voyage. A brief section introduces Cao Dai and the religion's importance to millions of Vietnamese. Then the trip up Highway 1 begins, with visits to the resort town of Dalat and the former center of the Cham empire, Nha Trang, where Hindu temples dot rural farming areas. At the university city of Hue, the narrator reviews the bombing of the Imperial City by B-52 bombers during the Tet Offensive. Restricted travel in the demilitarized zone follows; remnants of bombs and other armaments are everywhere, and viewers learn that many Vietnamese risk death from land mines to make a living selling scrap iron. The North of Vietnam features a train ride through beautiful scenery, rice paddies on the Red River Delta, and a tour of Hanoi, where the serenity of this city of lakes sharply contrasts with the bustle of Saigon, where the journey began.

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  • Zimbabwe

    Zimbabwe is a fascinating but troubled African country. At Great Zimbabwe, we witness the remains of its historic culture, and we learn how British colonial and native cultures co-exist in Harare, the capital, and in other regions and cities.

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