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Beyond Our Borders

Utah Instructional Media Consortium
Grade Levels: 6 - 13+
Core Subject(s): Social Studies

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American students retain geography and history information better when they experience living images of world cultures. These 33 programs about some of the world's major countries help students understand other peoples' environments, values, and significant historical contributions. They also feature information-rich maps that clarify geographical data such as a country's global location, major regions, and important cities. The scripts and narrators reflect indigenous cultures, but each program uses language appropriate for North American classrooms.


  • Guatemala & Belize

    This area was the ancestral home of the ancient Mayas - a sophisticated culture that flourished for 10,000 years. Before its decline around 950 A.D. the Mayan civilization had developed advanced mathematics, astronomy, architecture and building techniques that still amaze present-day scientists. The civilization may have faded away, but ancient pyramids, observatories, temples and other ruins can be found throughout the area. So can Mayan descendants: today's Guatemalans and Belizeans.

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  • Kenya

    Take a grand tour of some of the wildest wildlife in creation. The Nairobi National Park and the nearby Masai Mara Game Reserve feature exceptional populations of lions, cheetahs, gazelle, wildebeest, leopards, rhinos, zebra, elephants, and crocodiles. Amboseli National Park boasts more of the same with the added bonus of Mt. Kilimanjaro providing dramatic background. Cross the equator to see two more reserves, then take a side trip to Lake Nakuru to see the gathering of millions of flamingoes.

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  • Lithuania

    From its creation by King Mindaugas in 1253 as the Kingdom of Lithuania to the modern day, Lithuania has been at the centerpoint of European politics. Invaded by the Germans in World War II and annexed by the Soviets at the war’s end, Lithuania became the first Soviet republic to proclaim its independence in 1990. Today, it remains strongly democratic and progressive, with thriving cities like its capital, Vilnius, but the land is still dotted with castles that harkens back to stormier times.

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