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UEN-TV Sci-Fi Friday

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A suprisingly intelligent sci-fi film, which starts out in documentary-like style with an unidentified flying object sighted off Faro, Alaska and ending up off the coast of Santa Monica. The film takes on the tone of a 'Dragnet' style crime drama as the police are called in to investigate an odd assault on three people by a faceless being in a diving suit! When this fantastic story is corroborated by another witness who describes the same frightening encounter, the investigation turns into a dragnet to locate the mysterious attacker. The police locate the perpetrator, who suddenly becomes invisible after shedding the suit and helmet. What really distinquishes this low budget effort from other alien invasion movies is the sympathetic treatment of the suspected alien by the investigating team, who realize the alien can't survive in the earth's atmosphere and has been trying to signal for help. The bare bones special effects are easily forgiven by the intelligent and humane attitude towards the alien during a time when communist witchhunts were the norm.