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Visualizing Cell Processes

Utah Instructional Media Consortium
Grade Levels: 9 - 13+
Core Subject(s): Science

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Visualizing Cell Processes is a comprehensive program for teaching cell biology.. The program addresses high school biology teaching standards and beyond.


  • Cell Movement and Transport

    Learn about the structure and behavior of the plasma membrane, osmosis, transport proteins, phagocytosis, pinocytosis, receptor mediated endocytosis, golgi function, lysosomes and hydrolytic digestion, microtubles, cilia, actin and myosin motor proteins.

    Length: 00:14:50
    Usage rights: 3/14/2006 to 2/28/2036
  • Cells and Molecules

    Learn about the variety of cells, cell organization, organic molecules, prokaryotic cells and their evolution.

    Length: 00:14:58
    Usage rights: 3/14/2006 to 2/28/2036
  • Dna Replication and Cell Reproduction

    Learn about mitosis, chromosome condensation, stages, cytokinesis, meiosis, nucleotide structure and bonding, replicating enzymes, the twisting problem, proof-reading and repair.

    Length: 00:14:46
    Usage rights: 3/14/2006 to 2/28/2036
  • Photocynthesis and Cellular Respiration

    Learn about chloroplast structure, light trapping by chlorophyll, light-dependent reactions of photosynthesis, light-independent reactions of photosynthesis, glycolysis and fermentation, mitochondrion, aerobic respiration, Krebs Cycle, electron transport chain and ATP synthesis.

    Length: 00:14:47
    Usage rights: 3/14/2006 to 2/28/2036
  • The Genetic Code and Its Translation

    Learn about the protein nature of life, protein structure, transcription, translation and protein synthesis, gene regulation in prokaryotes, classes of eucaryote DNA, exons and introns, mutations, renegade DNA - the viruses.

    Length: 00:14:45
    Usage rights: 3/14/2006 to 2/28/2036



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