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"Autoline THIS WEEK" is dedicated to reporting on, discussing and dissecting the inner workings of the auto industry and the products that it makes. The 30-minute panel show focuses on topics that drive the industry as well the men and women behind the wheel. John McElroy in addition to being the dean of Detroit's automotive journalist community, he is also host of this EMMY-award winning show.


  • Canada Develops EV Technology, Advanced Mobility & The Talent Needed To Do It

    Canada has an excellent education system that is developing the talent needed to develop leading edge processes to recycle EV batteries, to provide smart mobility and play a leadership role in the auto industry's transition to a new world of moving people and goods.

    Next Airing: Sat, Jan 16th, 2021 at 10:30 AM on UEN-TV
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  • Canada's Strategy To Be A Leader In Smart Mobility

    To develop connected and autonomous cars and provide smart mobility doesn't require a lot of natural resources. It requires a lot of brain power. The right kind of brain power, organized and working in the proper direction. These trends play to Canada's strengths, as we discuss in today's show.

    Next Airing: Sat, Jan 23rd, 2021 at 10:30 AM on UEN-TV
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  • Challenges & Opportunities In The Automotive Retail Jungle

    Ford and Nissan are going through the largest new product launches in the history of their respective companies. Mark LaNeve is the Head of Sales for Ford, and Allyson Witherspoon is the Chief Marketing Officer for Nissan U.S. They talk about the importance of bringing all of these new products to market and new ways they're going to make the world aware of them.

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  • The Auto Industry Is Facing A Decade of Upheaval

    Automakers are going through a historic transition on multiple fronts. They have to develop a lineup of electric cars. They have to learn all about mobility services and data monetization. And they have to learn how to deal with a changing retail infrastructure. This show is all about what the industry will look like at the end of the decade.

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  • Toyota Tackles The Pandemic & Emerges Stronger Than Ever

    Toyota used the COVID-19 pandemic to learn what it was not doing well, what it is doing well and how it can do better coming out of this. Jack Hollis, Senior Vice President of Automotive Operations at Toyota, takes us through the company's strategy.

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