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"Autoline THIS WEEK" is dedicated to reporting on, discussing and dissecting the inner workings of the auto industry and the products that it makes. The 30-minute panel show focuses on topics that drive the industry as well the men and women behind the wheel. John McElroy in addition to being the dean of Detroit's automotive journalist community, he is also host of this EMMY-award winning show.


  • Canada Emerges As An Ev Powerhouse

    A year ago the future of the Canadian auto industry looked doubtful. But then GM, Ford and Stellantis announced billions of dollars in investments to make electric cars there. Moreover, Canada has all the raw materials needed to make EV batteries and electric motors, as well as a green electric grid to manufacture them. All this transformed the outlook for the Canadian auto industry from bleak to bright.

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  • The Hydrogen Economy Takes Another Step Closer

    Hydrogen fuel cell cars are not going mainstream anytime soon. But they make a lot of sense in other parts of the transportation sector, such as with semi-trucks, trains and ships. Wall Street is also waking up to the possibilities and investors are sniffing out investment opportunities. Bryan Pivovar, a Senior Research Fellow at the National Renewable Energy Lab, talks about the progress being made in hydrogen production and fuel cell development.

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