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Getting to Know The U.S. Presidents

Next Airing: Mon, Aug 6th, 2018 at 1:29 PM on UEN-TV

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This ALA AWARD WINNING SERIES tells of the struggles and accomplishments of America’s most influential and intriguing leaders. These animated biographies make history fun, understandable and fascinating. Also adapted from Mike Venezia’s popular book series of the same names.


  • George Washington

    Everyone knows George Washington as the great hero of the American Revolution and first President of the USA. But there's more about this towering figure of U.S. history. What was his first job at the age of 16? Why did he turn down the chance to be King of America? And why isn't he smiling in his most famous portrait?

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  • John Adams

    John Adams was the second U.S. President. As a noted writer and dedicated diplomat, his ideas helped shape the new government and his efforts brought much-needed support from Europe during the Revolutionary War. He was part of the "Committee of Five" which drafted the Declaration of Independence.

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  • Thomas Jefferson

    Leading revolutionary and President Thomas Jefferson served his brand-new country in many and important ways. He even founded a University and wrote one of the most important documents of our time. Can you guess what it is? This delightful adaptation blends cartoon action with historical pictures, and a cast of zany characters.

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