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More than anywhere else, science and technology prove their worth in the workplace. From farming and infrastructure, to science and surgery, we rely on science and technology to complete our daily tasks. In this unique series, we look at the scientific breakthroughs and the cutting-edge technologies that have allowed us to move our world forward, across a variety of professions.


  • Military and Defense Forces

    Each year the equipment available to defense forces multiples, improves and provides soldiers with the technology to stay alive. This episode explores the latest in Army uniforms, artillery, machinery and systems that keep our armed forces at the forefront of defense. The smallest improvements available in equipment have a huge impact in the field, providing lifesaving innovations, comfort solutions and a safer working environment for those who take on some of the toughest jobs in the world. Submarines, tanks and airborne surveillance are featured in this episode, showcasing the latest innovations.

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  • Building and Construction

    Buildings old and new create the physical environment in which we live, work and play. This episode looks at the cutting edge techniques involved in restoration, ecofriendly housing and more. Technology is helping to achieve some remarkable feats in the industry, from aiding the completion of the Sagrada Familia to building relocations, and providing tools toward creating a sustainable industry. Rotating buildings are being designed and subways constructed under heritage cities, all due to the innovations of our time and its application to complex projects. This is one industry that is embracing technology to the fullest and giving workers across the industry the tools to achieve.

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  • Teaching

    Teachers are an asset to our society, educating our children ensures the success of our future. The age of the Internet and other information technologies has assisted in the classroom by providing access to a world of knowledge and the tools in which to teach. Ensuring easy access to education is a key motivator in the education sector, helping to improve the lives of those who previously had little opportunity to learn. Today, laptops are distributed to the impoverished, tutors are available online and children in remote areas visit their classroom via webcam. Technology is giving teachers, tutors and lecturers across all levels of education a chance to reach a larger audience and the tools in which to encourage, engage and fascinate students.

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  • Law and Order

    Police officers, border control personnel and detectives are just some of the groups of law enforcement that benefit from the latest that technology has to offer. From heartbeat detection techniques to shoeprint databases, officers are constantly being given more tools to help them on the job. India is upgrading their police uniforms to suit the climate, utilizing the latest materials to help control temperature and moisture. Italian police are tackling online crime with a virtual police station. New ideas are being developed to tackle contemporary crime made possible by the growth of technology.

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  • Aviation

    The aviation industry showcases some of mankind's greatest achievements. From the Concorde to the new Airbus A380, Tech Tools explores the technology behind the industry's success stories. Aviation academies now offer world-class training for aviation professionals including pilots and flight attendants. Virgin Atlantic helps lead the way in creating a sustainable, biofuel powered industry aiming to reduce their carbon footprint. Many exhibitions showcase the latest designs and technological advances in interior cabins, as well as offering new structure innovations that are sure to be used for years to come. The aviation industry is one that has greatly benefited from the growth in technology.

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  • Emergency Services

    The many facets of emergency services professionals have been put to the test in recent years with an increase in natural and man-made disasters.

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  • Marine Industries

    People who work on or around water, such as fishermen, marine biologists and boat operators are reaping the rewards of an ever-evolving industry, which provide the latest gadgets, luxuries and environmentally friendly designs.

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  • Space Exploration

    Before man set foot on the moon, many of us have dreamt of going into space. Now, with developments in space tourism those dreams may become reality. With Virgin Galactic set to offer suborbital flights in the not too distant future and other companies experimenting with similar programs, space travel for the public is an achievable development aided by continuous research and advancements across the industry. Along with technologies allowing mapping of the moon, the ATLAS experiment on track to answer some of the most challenging questions about our universe and the ESA working towards sending man to Mars, the future of space exploration looks set to offer some momentous discoveries.

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  • Design

    Design plays an important role in our lives, with Designers using technology to assist in developing products that we use and wear. The fusion of technology and design is imperative if we are to create practical and sustainable clothing and products. Exploring the first powered looms to graphic design and fiber optics, this episode takes you on a journey through the innovations across the design and textile industry. With the industrial revolution being the catalyst for change, the industry has pushed its way into the 21st century by keeping up with trends and consumer demand across the board. Influencing change in fashion, interiors and textiles, technological developments within the realm of design, mean a more efficient industry that allows designers the tools to be innovative.

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  • Drivers

    Technology is allowing drivers of today a safer, more comfortable ride, providing tools to navigate, pre-empt and react. Development of Satellite navigation allows taxi drivers, couriers and other drivers a helping hand, meaning a more productive and efficient work day. Advancements in safety features over recent years provide consumers a world of alternatives and keeping up with the latest in-car gadgets has evoked a whole new consumer demand. With safety and comfort at the forefront of future deigns, research and development in the car industry is a promising force behind the innovations, offering those that drive for a living more and more options every day.

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  • Farming and Agriculture

    Back-breaking labor is a thing of the past. Aided by technological advancements, the Farming and Agricultural industries have progressed by leaps and bounds and use the latest ideas to ensure more yields and safer systems. From turning waste into biogas and tackling the diverse world of genetically modified crops, this episode of Tech Tools proves the worth of technology in this industry. Exploring the latest machinery from New Holland, turning waste into biofuel, and medicinal crops, the Agricultural industry has propelled itself into the 21st Century, paving the way for future generations of Farmers.

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  • Hospitals and Medicine

    Taking major leaps forward in diagnosis, surgeries and systems, the healthcare industry is one that mixes the old with the new, offering hope for the future. With new surgery techniques offering safer and quicker alternatives, and ancient diagnosis practices moving in to a new era, the possibilities for the future of medicine are endless. The ongoing technical advancements of fusing medicine and science have allowed the healthcare industry multiple platforms in which to grow. Robot doctors, MRI, and the original tool of the trade, the Stethoscope, are just some of the major stories covered while we explore the Tech Tools of Hospitals.

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  • Sporting

    Technology in sport has come along a long way, from the simplest timing devices such as stopwatches, to advances in fabric and nutritional information, allowing athletes to compete and train in comfort, as well as to their optimum level of fitness.

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