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High School Biology Series

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The Biology Collection covers a wide range of biology topics including simple plants, gymnosperms, angiosperms, photosynthesis, plant reproduction, vertebrate life, human anatomy, and physiology.


  • Fungi

    From making bread to decomposing things in the environment, fungi play a very important role in our lives. Vivid video footage, accompanied by colorful animations, illustrates the fascinating origin, diversity, and characteristics of fungi. Special attention is given to the ecological and economic importance of fungi. Concepts and terminology include: hyphae, mycelium, Zygomycota, rhizoids, stolons, Ascomycota, ascus, Basidiomycota, Deuteromycota, spores, and lichens.

    Length: 00:21:33
    Usage rights: 8/15/2013 to 8/14/2018
  • Investigating Protists

    Eukaryotes that are clearly not animals, plants, or fungi belong to a very diverse and fascinating group called protists. This video program uses captivating video footage to illustrate organisms from tiny microscopic creatures to giant kelp. Emphasis is placed on common characteristics of protists, while pointing out the wide diversity among organisms in this group. Concepts and terminology include: endosymbiosis, Euglenoza, Alveolata, dinoflagellates, ciliates, zooflagellates, sporozoans, brown algae, diatoms, red algae, chlorophyta, amoebas, foraminifera, and slime molds.

    Length: 00:20:10
    Usage rights: 8/15/2013 to 8/14/2018
  • Prokaryotes

    Bacteria are the most abundant living things on the planet. In fact there are more bacteria in your mouth than there are vertebrates on the planet. This fascinating program explores the wide-ranging forms and characteristics of both archaebacteria and bacteria. Prokaryotic evolution and diversity are also discussed. Concepts and terminology include: prokaryote, eukaryote, peptidoglycan, ribosomal proteins, RNA polymerase, gram stain, Archaea, Bacteria, bacterial diseases, decomposition, and genetic engineering.

    Length: 00:19:43
    Usage rights: 8/15/2013 to 8/14/2018



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