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Discovery Road

Next Airing: Sat, Mar 25th, 2023 at 6:00 PM on UEN-TV

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The road trip adventures continue with this ongoing series of programs about the people and places of the Mormon Pioneer National Heritage Area (MPNHA). "Discovery Road" features a 1977 Mercury Cougar with a fancy red and white exterior and a plush red velvet interior! Hosted by series creator James Nelson this show travels along U.S. Highway 89, All-American Road State Route 12, and Scenic Byway State Route 24. As the car drives along these roads, viewers will "discover" the things that make the MPNHA worth driving to themselves. "The MPNHA wants to tell a story and Discovery Road is one of the best ways we can do that. It takes people on a heritage journey just like they used to do with Sunday afternoon car rides," said MPNHA Executive Director Monte Bona. Using music, storytellers and the characters in the communities along the way, Discovery Road will present Utah's history, scenery and culture in an entertaining and educational manner. The Mormon Pioneer Heritage Area (MPNHA) is a federally designated area of central and southern Utah running along the beautiful and historic U. S. Highway 89 — including the All-American Road Utah State Route 12, and Capitol Reef Scenic Byway Utah State Route 24, which both intersect with U.S. 89 and together form the MPNHA’s Boulder Loop. The area includes the counties of Sanpete, Sevier, Piute, Wayne, Garfield and Kane. The Utah Heritage Highway 89 Alliance is the local coordinating entity of the MPNHA and receives annual funding from the National Park Service. Its purpose is to preserve, tell and interpret the stories, history and heritage of the area, and to promote its culture and value.


  • Passing Along Utah's History

    A week-long trip starts in southern Utah and concludes in Salt Lake City with special focus on travel writers assigned to cover the event. The story of Wasatch Academy and its Presbyterian founder Duncan McMillan, who clashed with Brigham Young over education ideals, is profiled in the broadcast. The tour group also visits an ill-fated settlement called Clarion, Utah. Using music, story tellers and real people in the communities along the way, Utah's history is presented in an entertaining and educational manner.

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  • Kane County / Kanab

    In this episode of Discovery Road the crew takes a seat in a 1963 Ford Fairlane for an adventure in Kane County, Utah. They find a compelling story on canvas and pedestal. They learn about the explorer Jacob Hamblin and discover a public auction of wild horses and burros. Another story featured in this episode is a profile of one of the few small town newspapers still in full operation in America. They top it all off with a blue ribbon slice of apple pie!

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  • Kane County II : International Visitors

    In this episode of Discovery Road; have an inside look at why the Europeans take a liking to the American West. Tourists from France and Italy arrive in Kanab, Utah just in time for the annual Western Legends Round-up. Language is no barrier as the red carpet greets the French and Italians. Viewers are sure to enjoy the view of southern Utah from the international point of view. The locals tell how important these tourists are and how much they appreciate their knowledge of western movies and the landscape. Also a visit to Orderville, Utah and a history lesson about the United Order.

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  • The Heritage Experience (Anha Tour)

    -IN THIS EPISODE OF DISCOVERY ROAD……a journey through the Mormon Pioneer National Heritage Area with a busload of special guests. These visitors to Utah are from other heritage areas around America. These history experts are part of the Alliance of National Heritage Areas (ANHA). The Alliance is the nationwide network of 49 national heritages and other partner organizations working to partner with the NPS in communities across the country to tell the story of America. Their visit to Utah is all about sharing the heritage experience.

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  • Mormon Trail: Black Experience

    Discovery Road travels along the historic Mormon Trail with a returned Mormon missionary in search of his roots. Marcus Ewell discovers his family history includes an ancestor who served in the Mormon Battalion and another who traveled the trail. The Discovery Road crew visits Martins Cove, Winter Quarters and many other places on their journey to the past. As the visit to yesterday plays out along the trail a mystery unfolds about who might have been with the Ewell family every step of the way. Family accounts of a nanny who survived slavery and embraced the Mormon faith born out during the program.

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  • Mormon Trail - The Forgotten Ones

    Discovery Road returns to the historic Mormon Trail to search for traces of family members who did not make it all the way to Zion. The story unfolds with treks to major stops on the trail for initial information. Then the stories begin to unfold about how loved ones were lost to illness or were unable to continue the journey. Despite the difficult and harrowing experiences on the trail pioneers continued westward. This show brings forward the lasting family memories coupled with examples of family success stories.

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  • Mormon Trail: The Disabled Ones

    Discovery Road travels down the historic Mormon Trail to uncover one of the more inspiring chapters of Mormon Trail history ever. Historians share with our documentary team the little known stories about people on the trail who had challenges beyond the mountains, rivers, weather and long distances. Blindness, mental problems, club foot, amputees and many others are featured in the program. Descendants of these courageous pioneers discuss the amazing courage and struggles involved within the journey. Inspiration comes to the surface as the families reveal how subsequent generations honor and benefit from those disabled forefathers.

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  • Dutch Way

    “The Dutch story in Colorado is one of survival, faith and community. We found out the best way to learn about their story was to go to church. We did and we discovered an amazing people!” says Discovery Road producer James Nelson. Long ago in the Netherlands struggling families were told to cross the ocean and they will find paradise in America. It was the clarion call for many Dutch families in search of a better life. The SS Dubbledam, stuffed with 508 passengers and the Dutch flag whipping in the wind knifed through the icy waters towards America. The anxious families then boarded a train to Colorado anticipating a paradise.

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  • German Way: Pioneers, Pows & A Mansion

    The story of German immigrants finding their place in the San Luis Valley is one of the most intriguing we have ever documented, according to Discovery Road producer James Nelson. The German influence can be found in buildings, banking, newspapers, and mining. Their contribution out here is huge! Many German emigrants made their way to America including August Sporleder. He came to Walsenberg in the 1860s where he opened the Sporleder Hotel in the small community of La Plaza de los Leones near the Spanish Peaks. Another of his early business operations was the Sporleder Feed Store which continues serving the area. If you look in the newspaper archives the Sporleder name is featured prominently in the community. It was at the World Journal newspaper in Walsenburg where Discovery Road found more of the Sporleder story. The newspaper is connected to the past and the family story including Louis B. Sporleder who was an unofficial promoter of the area. His writings and storytelling brought attention to the region and helped promote tourism.

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  • Hyrum Bebe (The Apostle & The Outlaw)

    This episode features a mysterious story about Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and a segment on Mormon church apostle Orson Hyde. Hyde was among the early Mormon polygamists who sometimes had to hide from federal agents who came to town on the local railroad to look for them. Local folklore calls the train the "Polygamist Express" because train engineers would sometimes blow a steam-whistle signal to alert the "brethren" that feds were on board and that it was time to skedaddle.

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  • Manti

    In this episode "Discovery Road" explores how the Manti temple was built and what challenges had to be overcome before the doors were opened in 1888. Stories about hardship and accomplishment are blended with heartwarming personal histories born on the Manti Temple Hill. The episode will also surprise visitors with an introduction to the Rat Fink who is known worldwide by car lovers and fans of Ed "Big Daddy" Roth. Discovery Road hosts James Nelson and Gina Persinger — along with the star of the show, "Love Me Tender," a '55 Pontiac — also find a herd of Llamas just off of U.S. 'Heritage' Highway 89 during taping.

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  • Maude Adams

    Once upon a time in Salt Lake City a little baby was plucked from her cradle and promptly delivered to center stage! This was the beginning of the marvelous career of Maude Adams! Early in the twentieth century she was among the best stage performers in the world. She made a million dollars a year and played on the biggest stages in New York and around the country. Her legacy, however, remains mostly unknown. Discovery Road attempts to unravel the mystery of Maude Adams. They also enjoy breakfast in a Spring City café and hear a great music story at Snow College in Ephraim, Utah.

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  • Out There: Road to the Galaxy, UFOs, Bigfoot and the Unknown

    The Mormon Pioneer National Heritage Area (MPNHA) and Discovery Road present: Out There! - an entertaining and factual documentary about the unknown world of UFOs and the strange Bigfoot sightings in the state of Utah.

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  • The Amish Show

    The Amish show.

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  • The Handshake

    Learn about the inspiring story of the La Sociedad Protecccion Mutua de Trabajadores Unidos (SPMDTU). It’s the oldest Hispanic civil rights organization in the United States and was started to help struggling families, protect workers and offer a sense of belonging. This idea of helping each other out whenever the time came. When I first joined this concilio, many of the members told me after the initiation. ‘Hey if you’re ever here and you run into a problem, a necessity or something, your car breaks down, come to my house. I’ ll help you.’ The idea that people will help you. That resonates.” Jose Rivera, University of New Mexico professor, states in the documentary program. The SPMDTU roots go back to 1900 when locals initially gathered in homes and then in chapter lodges to offer fellowship, strength, and insurance. The relief and support services were warmly embraced, and the idea spread to other communities in Colorado, then into New Mexico, and eventually to Utah.

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