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Our team of Mineral Explorers travel to some of the richest and most remote mines on earth, giving viewers a behind-the-scenes look at this exciting industry. Digging, dynamite, danger - it's all in a day's work, as the Mineral Explorers team demonstrates just what it takes to unearth gems, crystals and minerals of all kinds.


  • Brazil - The Estrada Real

    This episode finds Nagin traveling the famed Estrada Real, or "Royal Road," exploring Brazil's rich diamond and gold history. En route he also discovers the odd formations at Chapada Diamantina National Park and the highly-coveted imperial topaz, found exclusively in Brazil. Along the way, we meet the "Laser Cowboys" who dig for long, beautiful laser quartz crystals, and one of Brazil's best-known mineral collectors who invites Nagin to view his extensive, private collection. Minerals featured in this episode: Diamonds, Quartz, Imperial Topaz.

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  • Mexico

    It's the world's largest producer of silver with modern companies ruling the trade but Mexico's silver mining tradition dates back hundreds of years and helped shape the country we know today - a country alive with history and culture. Thomas visits several colonial towns built from the riches of silver mines and explores the ancient craft of silversmithing. Along the way, he finds a great lot of crystallized Mexican minerals but his biggest prize is the opportunity to journey deep inside the world's largest primary silver mine. Minerals featured in this episode: Silver.

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  • Peru: Mundo Nuevo

    Thomas embarks on what some may call a fool's errand, in search of Pyrite-- more commonly known as fool's gold. From the busy mineral markets of Lima, to the ancient ruins of Chan Chan, Thomas is on a journey to the high altitude mine of Mundo Nuevo. At nearly 15,000 feet, the search for this shining treasure brings with it the beauty of the Andes and the history of lost civilizations.

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  • Peru: Pasto Bueno

    The Incans thought Rhodochrosite was the blood of their kings and queens turned to stone. In this episode, Thomas returns to the Pasto Bueno Mine in the Peruvian Andes, a mine he had visited forty years earlier. Although this mine has always been known for its tungsten production, it also yields Peruvian Rhodochrosite, Quartz, and Tungsten crystals. During that first visit, he found these minerals both at the mine and in the homes of miners in a nearby village. Over the years, these minerals were taken to Lima helping establish Peruvian Rhodochrosite as a truly legendary mineral. To get to this high altitude mine, he must navigate dangerous roads, battle altitude sickness, and climb 200 feet into the mine to see a freshly exposed pocket of Quartz and Tungsten crystals.

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  • Stories from the Road

    Gems and crystals aren't the only thing we collect as we travel the globe. Join us as Thomas and his friends share some of the more adventurous stories they've gathered on their many expeditions. From flooded mines to road blocks, stampedes to jail time; the hunt for great stones may not be easy, but the memories from the road make great souvenirs.

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  • Southern California

    A Chinese empress' treasures, a world-renowned jewelry company, and one of the biggest mineral finds of a century came to be thanks to mineral rich southern California. We visit the gem belt; world renowned for its Blue Cap Tourmaline, fashionable Pink Tourmaline, and the birth place of Kunzite. San Diego's rich gem history is all but forgotten, but signs of its rock star past are on every street corner. Join us to learn more about one of America's most overlooked treasures.

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  • Spain

    Not all that glitters is gold; it could very well be Spanish Pyrite. Join us as we visit never-before seen private collections and hear the history of a country full of explorers. Then travel with us as we step back in time in the medieval town of Navajun. While there, we visit a mine that glitters with the world's most perfectly crystalized Pyrite. We end our trip with an exclusive look at some of the world's best pyrite held in a private collection of the mine owner, who kept some of his favorite specimens.

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  • Portugal

    The Panasqueira mine has created an appetite for Apatites. These rare green, purple, or blue crystals are becoming more and more popular with mineral collectors around the globe. Come along as we are the first to film a behind-the-scenes look at one of the most mineral-diverse mines. Later, we stop at Porto; which uses mineral rich schist to plant and nurture a delicious export all its own. We meet a mineral dealer selling specimens out of an old restaurant right next to the "Mouth of Hell."

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  • Tucson

    Tombstone, Arizona is the place of legends; not all of them have to do with gunslingers and cowboy hats. Far more important were the copper and silver mines as they helped bring the US into a more modern era. And these mines were the catalyst for Arizona Statehood. Over a century later, Arizona continues to sparkle. The biggest gem and mineral treasure chest comes to Tucson once a year. We crack open the lock to some of the best and brightest collections and take you exploring at the largest mineral exhibit on Earth.

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  • Arkansas

    It's one of the most abundant minerals on Earth, but quartz is anything but ordinary. Despite having worked with it for over 35 years, Nagin has several new experiences with this unique mineral. In this episode, he explores the metaphysical side of quartz and a local curiosity that's long been closed to the public, The Crystal Cave. Nagin meets a unique cast of characters while judging the World Championship Quartz Crystal Dig and visits the renowned Coleman's Mine to help extract a newly discovered pocket of quartz. Minerals featured in this episode: Quartz.

    Length: 00:26:44
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  • Bolivia

    A journey into the jungles of eastern Bolivia takes us deep underground into the Anahi Mine, world renowned for its production of amethyst and ametrine. The adventure begins 400 miles away in the bustling city of Santa Cruz, followed by a scenic but harrowing trip by boat through the Pantanal wetlands to the mine. Then it's deep underground to discover the minerals and their myths. See how amethyst and ametrine are mined, watch their transformation from gems in the rough to gemstones, and experience the world's largest-known gem pocket. Minerals featured in this episode: Amethyst and Ametrine.

    Length: 00:26:45
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  • Brazil - The Center for Gemstones

    This journey takes us both above and below eastern Brazil as Nagin explores Governador Valadares, the center for minerals in Brazil, as well as one of the world's best places for paragliding. Famed for its gemstones, we see how Brazil's minerals are cut, polished, and prepared for market. Nagin travels to local mines to find gems in their natural, but equally beautiful form, visits the renowned Pederneira tourmaline mine, and an aquamarine mine where he explores a newly found gem pocket as it's being uncovered. Minerals featured in this episode: Aquamarine and Tourmaline.

    Length: 00:26:45
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  • Colombia

    Every day millions of dollars of emeralds are traded on the streets of Bogota, Colombia's thriving capital city, but few people ever venture to the source of these elusive gems. In this episode, Nagin leads us over treacherous mountain roads deep in the Andes Mountains to explore Colombia's gorgeous but rugged countryside, the lives of its people, and the amazing world of emeralds. Then, it's back to the big city to visit to the hustle of the world's largest emerald district. Minerals featured in this episode: Emeralds.

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