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Neuroscience: Understanding The Brain


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In the 21st century neuroscience is drawing the best and brightest from computer science, medicine, engineering, psychology, biology, genetics and ethics, all in the service of studying the brain. The result is a reshaping of everything we know about lifelong development, learning, memory, health and disease. Neuroscience is the last and greatest frontier challenging humanity's understanding of the world. Featuring in-depth interviews and demonstrations with top neuroscientists from institutions including, MIT, Harvard, John Hopkins, and Washington University, this new five-part plus series from Ambrose Video provides the foundation for understanding what is being called "the century of the brain."


  • Mapping The Brain

    This program presents the anatomy and physiology of the major brain structures. It goes on to look at the components of the peripheral nervous system, including the autonomic, somatic, parasympathetic and sympathetic systems, and the presents the ground breaking work of the Human Connectome Project that puts together anatomy, connectivity and function into one macromap of the brain.

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  • The Brain, Computers and Technology

    This program takes the viewer to neuroscience research labs across the country where computer technology is being used in rehabilitation of brain and spinal cord damage as well as enhancement of cognitive function and motor skills.

    Length: 00:28:29
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  • The Developing Brain

    This program traces the evolutionary development of the nervous system and the brain and then goes on to illustrate the development of the human brain from conception to old age.

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  • The Thinking and Social Brain

    This program looks at the neuro-substrates for learning, neuroplasticity and memory and then focuses on the neuro-substrates for the human's remarkable social capabilities.

    Length: 00:28:55
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