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My Changing Life

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The transition from elementary on to middle school is full of change. But change can be a good thing when we understand how to anticipate, prepare and experience it. Better understanding leads to better decision making and helps dial back that stress level a tad. And it's not just about you. There are others to recognize and consider in the equation. So be ready for some serious changes at home, in school settings, with friends or even with the physical changes everyone experiences, because nothing will ever be quite the same again. Go ahead, make that change. There will be others to lean on who have been there, done that!


  • Money and Finances

    In Middle School and a bit older, money will begin to play a more important role in your life. It seems as if you can't do anything without money. So earning, saving, and learning how to wisely spend money will bring more important changes to your life. Having a mature relationship with money and learning how to manage one's finances provides life-long benefits. A young person's understanding of how to become financially literate is best learned at an early age so now is a good time to begin.

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  • Social Changes

    As part of the maturation process, young people will likely request more privacy in their personal life, which is perfectly acceptable. However, they shouldn't close the door on family or important others. What's the purpose of a secret life anyway? In social settings they will begin to take an interest in others who didn't seem so interesting previously. In general girls will be more interested in boys and boys will be more interested in girls. This is also a time of tremendous peer pressure so they need to be very choosy about who they select for friends and what groups they may consider to join.

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  • Changes with School

    Upon leaving Elementary School most everything in a student's life is going to change while they transition to Middle School. Students will be starting over again...beginning at the bottom grade level. They'll have more teachers and more classes. Extra-curricular events will take more of their time. They'll need to be better organized and learn techniques for staying on top of all that schoolwork. The social dynamics with other classmates will become more sophisticated. Middle School is a period of tremendous growth and enormous change for any student. Helping them understand how to deal with the changes can only lighten the process.

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  • Changes with Family

    As youngsters mature the relationship with the family becomes even more important. The Middle School years are a time when young people can learn and decide more things for themselves. With more independence comes more responsibility. They will be expected to contribute more at home, at school and in other parts of their lives. It won't necessarily be easy but knowing the changes coming can help them meet the challenges ahead.

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