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Difficult Stories About Difficult Times • Feelings • Helpless & Hopeless • Help Brings Hope • Arguing & Fighting • Understanding & Coping • Blame & Guilt • Accepting & Growing • Solutions & Resolution


  • Kids and Divorce

    You can see the pain in their young faces and hear the heartbreak in their voices as these brave children share their emotional experiences on the break-up of their family. Often isolated and alone they have heard the loud, angry arguing behind closed bedroom doors, unable to fully comprehend the reasons and possible consequences of why their parents just can't "work it out". For some of these youngsters counseling has helped. For many others an improved home environment for the now divorced parents helps to reduce the pain. Watch and listen to what they have to share about the emotional toll that the divorce of their parents has effected.

    Length: 00:14:55
    Usage rights: 7/1/2015 to 6/30/2020
  • Kids and Grief

    This exceptional program was created to help children who grieve, and to give them an outlet to reflect on the feelings and thoughts that are part of the process. Coming from a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds, the children want to give others hope they will recover. Most of all, the children want to say you are not alone. The program highlights 11 boys and girls, ages 4-14, while they discuss grief experiences due to death or chronic illness of a sibling, parent or grandparent. The children talk about their experiences to offer hope, support and a sense of community to other children.

    Length: 00:18:08
    Usage rights: 7/1/2015 to 6/30/2020
  • Teens and Divorce

    A very large number of teenagers live in split homes and deal with complex living arrangements. Even though these teens may understand they are not the cause of a divorce it isn't always something easy to accept. There is tremendous stress and anxiety placed upon these young adults trapped in the middle. Listen to what they have to say about their lives and what they think parents should know about their experience.

    Length: 00:16:51
    Usage rights: 7/1/2015 to 6/30/2020



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