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Neuroscience of Addiction


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In 1971, President Richard Nixon made his famous speech declaring war on drugs in America. Since then, American society has done everything in its power to stop this implacable foe. Finally in the 21st Century, neuroscience is advancing the tools needed to fight addiction. An incredible five part series, The Neuroscience of Addiction defines the brain's role in addiction, how drugs of abuse hijack the brain making us more susceptible to addictive behavior, how addictive behavior affects our brains, our lives and our entire culture and how breakthroughs in neuroscience are paving the way to new treatments for addiction.


  • Directions for the Future

    Beyond the Pleasure Circuit / Process Addiction / Challenges and Mysteries

    Length: 00:28:48
    Usage rights: Expires 6/30/2023
  • Drugs in the Brain

    Animal Models / The Pleasure Circuit / Neurotransmitters and Drugs of Abuse / Dopamine and Addiction

    Length: 00:28:31
    Usage rights: Expires 6/30/2023
  • Drugs of Abuse

    The History of Psychoactive Drugs / The Effects of Psychoactive Drugs / The Addiction Effect / Culture and Law

    Length: 00:28:31
    Usage rights: Expires 6/30/2023
  • Overcoming Addiction

    Addiction, Dependence and Tolerance / The Allure of Drugs of Abuse / Recovery and Treatments

    Length: 00:28:46
    Usage rights: Expires 6/30/2023
  • The Human Brain

    The Chemical Nature of the Brain / The Structure of the Brain / Brain Systems / Neuroimaging, Neuroplasticity and Higher Neural Substrates

    Length: 00:28:58
    Usage rights: Expires 6/30/2023



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