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The Kamla Show is a unique show from Silicon Valley about authentic conversations with real people. Often, when we talk about the success of a company, film or book, we tend to overlook the person behind that success. The Kamla Show is about asking those questions you would be asking if you had the chance to sit with our guests in your living room over a cup of tea. What was the first record you owned? Why did you study engineering? What was the first piece of computer code you wrote? Or, what does money mean to you? The Kamla Show is not just about technologists, entrepreneurs, filmmakers and authors, but also about ordinary people doing extraordinary things and sharing their memories with us. As we say - it is about Life, People and Ideas.


  • Dr. Julia Yu, Part 1

    Dr. Julia Yu is Chief Scientist at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. Dr. Yu's mission is to ignite your curiosity in everyday science that is part of your life. By kindling our mind she inculcates that curious spirit that is a hallmark of a scientist. Dr. Yu is part of the teachers institute at the Exploratorium that helps teachers hone their teaching skills through hands-on experiments and demonstration of scientific concepts.

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  • Dr. Julia Yu, Part 2

    We continue our conversation with Dr. Julia Yu, who shares how she got interested in science. A stint in teaching persuaded her that there needs to be an effective system to help science teachers teach better. That spark of interest to improve the teaching methods is how she got involved at the Exploratorium and went on to get a PhD in Chemical Engineering and Biology.

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  • Dr. Gini Deshpande

    Dr. Gini Deshpande is founder and CEO of NuMedii, a funded startup in Silicon Valley. NuMedii uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data for drug discovery. Dr. Deshpande shares how her team is harnessing AI and Big Data to find new uses for existing molecules. Being an entrepreneur was one of her dreams.

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  • Hannah Kuchler

    Hannah Kuchler is Tech Reporter from Silicon Valley for the Financial Times. She landed 2 days before Twitter's IPO and hit the ground running in covering that story. Kuchler also talks about the cultural aspects of covering tech companies in San Francisco Bay area. She got to interview Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook for the Lunch with FT series.

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  • Celeste Ford

    Celeste Ford is a rocket scientist turned entrepreneur in Silicon Valley. Being a rocket scientist was rather an unusual choice for a woman in the 1970s and she had no idea what an engineer does or what aeronautical engineering was all about. Ford shares how she developed a winning mindset and how failure was not an option when she founded her company over 2 decades ago.

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  • Hadiyah Mujhid

    Hadiyah Mujhid is Founder and Director of Historical Black Colleges VC fund. She picked engineering as an option when she did not get into medical school. Mujhid shares how her grandmother, uncles and aunts influenced her to study and how she found the courage to give up her job and become an entrepreneur. Her current focus is to promote entrepreneurship in historically black colleges in the US.

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  • Shivani Govil

    Shivani Govil is Vice President, Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Products at SAP Ariba in Silicon Valley. Govil shares how she grew up with a scientist father and how she got interested in science and math and chartered her career in the tech world. She says her husband has played a significant role in her professional success.

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  • Dr. Isabel Hawkins

    Dr. Isabel Hawkins is Astronomer & Educator at the Exploratorium, San Francisco. Dr. Hawkins got hooked to stars as a young girl and her career was determined after she took a high school astronomy class. She married her high school sweetheart at 18 years and went on to get a PhD in astronomy. She is also a competitive salsa dancer.

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  • Dr. Leila Takayama

    Dr. Leila Takayama teaches human-robotics interaction at UC Santa Cruz. Dr. Takayama’s goal is to make robots friendly to human beings. She shares how she discovered her fascination for robots and how she pursued her interest and what keeps her motivated.

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  • Linda Pouliot

    Linda Pouliot majored in arts and came to Silicon Valley to build a technology company. She co-founded a robotic company that was acquired by a German company. Currently she is the co-founder of another robotic company that is in stealth mode.

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  • Dr. Shailaja V.

    Dr. Shailaja V. teaches MIS at San Jose State University. She discovered her love for computers after doing an undergrad degree in commerce. She describes how she fell in love with computer programing when she studied at Virginia Tech. She also talks about why there are so few women students in her class in Silicon Valley.

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  • Dr. Katrina Yu

    Dr. Katrina Yu is Director, Living Systems at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. This is perhaps the only museum to have a lab on its premises and has a hi-end microscope imaging system that helps people understand about cells, evolution etc. Dr. Yu got hooked to biology and peering through the microscope as a high school student and that interest has endured and become a driving force that shaped her career.

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  • Amy Guittard of Guittard Chocolate - A 150 Year Old and Family-Owned Chocolate Company

    Kamla sits down to talk with Amy Guittard of Guittard Chocolate Company of the San Francisco Bay area. Founded during the Gold Rush period, Guittard is one of the oldest chocolate companies in the US. Amy Guittard is a fifth generation and the first woman from her family to work in the chocolate company.

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  • Catlin Powers, Co-founder/CEO, One Earth Designs, on Solar Cooking & Energy Deficiency

    Kamla talks to Catlin Powers, CEO and co-founder of One Earth Designs that makes solar cookers. How did Powers go about find an effective solution to the energy deficit challenge faced by 2 billion people around the world? Powers shares how she and her co-founder worked in an iterative manner to design and produce their lightweight and effective solar cooker.

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  • Devika Chawla of Netflix On Engineering & Music

    Kamla sits down to talk with Devika Chawla, Engineering Director at Netflix, about how she balances her interest in computer engineering and music. Chawla developed and nurtured her interests in software programming and music from a young age. She studied computer engineering at George Town University in Washington DC and moved to Silicon Valley, where she worked at Inktomi, Yahoo, and now Netflix. Chawla has released a handful of music records and worked with various musicians in the San Francisco Bay area and from India.

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  • Dr. Arghavan Salles

    Dr. Arghavan Salles, MD, PhD. is a medical doctor, surgeon and an activist. She is a Scholar in Residence School of Medicine, Stanford University from where she got her medical and PhD degrees. She says not to "prioritize the career above all else," and it is important to learn to balance your life. But when she was growing up and in her 20's and early 30's her focus was on her education and professional career. So, what brought about the change in her? Dr. Salles shares her journey of how she went from studying biomedical engineering to becoming a doctor, a surgeon, a teacher and an activist for gender equity and physician well-being. The impetus for becoming an activist was fueled by her PhD research on gender equity, implicit bias, diversity and physical well-being. Until her mid-30s Dr. Salles was focussed on her education and professional career and did not think about starting a family. Dr. Salles started blogging about her experience of trying to freeze her eggs and why she did not succeed. She says, "I really have difficulty with other people repeating mistakes that I've made, and that's part of why I'm vocal about a lot of the things that I'm vocal about, and I wanted to help medical students and other young professionals think about this earlier than I had."

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  • Dr. Rajni Agarwal- Hashmi

    Kamla talks with Dr. Rajni Agarwal-Hashmi, Associate Prof & Medical Director, Pediatric Cell Transplant Program, Stanford Children's Health. Stanford Children Hospital is recognized for its pioneering work in stem cell transplant. Dr. Agarwal-Hashmi shares how she chose to pursue a career in medicine and her mother's advice that she pursue a career in pediatrics.

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  • Jyotsna Kaki

    Jyotsna Kaki, Program Manager at Google. Kaki lost her eyesight when she was pursuing her undergrad at San Jose State University. Instead of being deterred by the loss of her vision, she became determined to overcome it and lead a regular life. She works at Google, takes care of her child and family and cooks on a regular basis. Technology has helped her rebuild her life and she shares in what way tech has helped do that.

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  • Kamini Dandapani

    Kamini Dandapani is Senior Director of Engineering at LinkedIn, where she leads an infrastructure and productivity engineering team. Growing up in India Kamini had 2 options: study medicine or engineering. She chose engineering and did not have a clear idea of what she would do as an engineer. Kamini came to the US for her graduate studies. She relocated to Silicon Valley, where she first worked for a startup and then worked at eBay for 12 years. At eBay her "managers found the spark in me and asked if I would be interested in pursuing management. I was open to it. I didn't know what that job entailed, "she shares. She went from being a software engineer to a manager and a leader and lead large transformative projects that led her to next job at LinkedIn. Kamini is deeply involved in helping girls and women in STEM both at local schools and in her workplace. At LinkedIn she is involved in helping women in technology programs at LinkedIn.

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  • Kimberly Wiefling

    Kimberly Wiefling trained as a physicist and is now a global consultant for "Impossible Projects." She grew up in Pittsburgh where her father and brothers were wielders. She decided she did not want to become a wielder like her siblings. Kimberly left home at 18 and joined the Air Force, where she worked for a few years and got her GI bill which helped pay for her college education. She went to college to become a medical technician that did not involve any math skills. Kimberly lost faith in her ability to do math in high school and shares how she overcame that challenge with the help of people that believed and encouraged her to study science and math in college. After getting an undergraduate and graduate degree in physics she joined Hewlett-Packard and relocated to Silicon Valley. She worked for a couple of startups and then became a consultant. Impossible is a word that does not exist in her dictionary. "You put an apostrophe, " says Kimberley and it becomes, "I am possible."

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  • Shireen Santosham - Chief Innovation Officer of San Jose, Silicon Valley

    Kamla sits down to talk with Shireen Santosham, Chief Innovation Officer of San Jose. She works with Mayor Sam Riccardo's office and leads the effort and strategy to build San Jose as a smart city. She shares her views on technology and what she has learnt from working with Paul Allen's venture capital firm about creating effective solutions from a systemic perspective.

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