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Dickensian is a bold reinvention of Charles Dickens' timeless novels, where his most iconic characters live side by side in the same Victorian neighbourhood. Free from the straightjacket of adaptation, Dickensian takes familiar characters on new journeys. Discover the events that lead up to Miss Havisham's wedding day, the sacrifices made by a young Lady Dedlock and find out what happens to ruthless moneylender Jacob Marley. You don't need to know Dickens' novels to fall in love with these stories - packed with romance, scandal and intrigue they deliver a rollercoaster ride of twists and turns to surprise and delight viewers to the final episode. The stunning backdrop of Victorian London is brought to life by a stellar cast including Stephen Rea, Pauline Collins, Caroline Quentin and Peter Firth. Dickensian is period drama as we've never seen it before.


  • Episode 6

    Martha can only watch as Bob Cratchit is taken away to be questioned over the murder of Jacob Marley. The rest of the Crathit family plus Martha's groom, John Bagnet, wait expectantly at the Church little knowing the peril Bob is in. In the interview room Bucket outlines his case - Bob Cratchit had motive, means and opportunity and no alibi. When it's revealed that Cratchit crossed off the debt he owed Marley after his death he calls Scrooge in to support his case. On going through his ledgers Scrooge admits that Cratchit had transferred the debt and in fact made it a little larger - but it still doesn't change the fact he altered the books. Bob pleads with Bucket to let him at least see his daughter married; following his instinct that Bob might not be the killer - he lets him go. A very relieved Martha is taken to Church and married to John Bagnet with Emily still unaware of what has taken place. Reminiscing about the moment Compeyson spoke of drowning in her, Amelia is startled to find he is at her door. Far from repeating his words, Compeyson tells Amelia he will never utter such words again and hopes that she will forgive him for saying them in the first place. He leaves a very confused Amelia. Spurred on by Honoria, Amelia writes to Compeyson on the pretence of talking business. Compeyson is delighted that he's so piqued her interest but when he arrives at Satis House later that day he finds Amelia with her dear cousin Matthew Pocket and she has no time to speak to Compeyson. Bob returns to the police station after the wedding, but having got the truth out of her daughter, Emily is soon after him. Emily makes an impassioned plea to Bucket to believe Bob's innocence and also provides him with an alibi for the time of the murder. Bucket lets Bob go - for now but he's sure that Emily has lied for him and wonders why. Frances introduces Honoria to Sir Leicester Dedlock but Honoria is horrified to find out he is intended for her. She reminds Frances she only has eyes for her Captain.

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  • Episode 7

    Compeyson is riled by the arrival of Matthew Pocket and quizzes Arthur over his cousin. Arthur tells him Matthew is no threat at all until they learn that Amelia has asked Matthew to put off his travels to help her run the business. A drunken night in the pub ends up with Compeyson challenging Matthew to some dares. Matthew eagerly accepts and suggests they jump from one roof top to another. Compeyson sees his chance and dislodges a tile and when Matthew slips he leaves him hanging from the roof. A horrified Arthur looks on before rushing to help Matthew. Before he can, Compeyson pushes him out of the way and pulls Matthew to safety. Matthew is immensely grateful for him saving his life but Arthur has seen a different side to Compeyson - he was trying to kill him. While helping Emily Cratchit drop some pies at the Three Cripples, Bucket spots some stolen brandy behind the bar. Constable Duff informs him the brandy went missing on the docks on Christmas Eve and a little searching reveals that Silas Wegg has a history of assault - using his wooden leg as a weapon. Seeing what's coming Silas tries to make a run for it, but Bucket overtakes him. Fearful of being charged with something worse than theft, Silas reveals he did see Jacob Marley on Christmas Eve and he was having a row with a gentleman with a badge of a red flower on his lapel. Bucket has seen that badge earlier that day on the coat of Edward Barbary and it turns out that Barbary paid back part of his loan two days after Marley's death - did he use the money from Jacob Marley's missing wallet to do it? Frances invites Sir Leicester Dedlock to tea in order to further her plan to marry him off to Honoria. Honoria unexpectedly returns home with Captain Hawdon in tow and Frances has to lie that their father is unwell to get rid of him. Honoria is surprised to find her father fit and well and in the company of Sir Leicester Dedlock. She is polite and leaves and it's up to Frances to convince Sir Leicester of Honoria's interest. Mrs Bumble writes to the board of the workhouse in her husband's name to invite him to dinner - she is determined they will be raised up.

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  • Episode 8

    After seeing Compeyson's murderous intentions the night before, Arthur is a gibbering wreck, hiding in his room as Compeyson knocks on his door and then starting to pack his clothes, determined to get away. When Matthew comes round to see him his relief is so great he begins to tell him the truth of his situation. However, before he can get Compeyson's name out the man himself walks into the room and takes charge of the situation. He quickly covers that Arthur is in enormous debt to Scrooge and offers to settle his debts for him. Matthew is impressed again by Compeyson and Arthur has lost his chance to confide. Over lunch at Satis House Compeyson realises that Matthew is in love with Miss Havisham though it is unrequited. Taking Matthew to one side he reveals he knows his secret and also how he can win Miss Havisham's love - he must become like her father and there is no better way to do that than continue his travels, which were in fact paid for by Mr Havisham, and make something of himself in America. Impressed by Compeyson's confidence and knowledge of the world, Matthew believes him and reluctantly tells Amelia he will not be able to stay and help her. As Matthew departs, Jip bites Compeyson clearly not having forgiven him for his alleged rescue. Compeyson covers his anger but later Jip is revealed to be missing. Compeyson walks by the river, something concealed in his coat. He pulls out a bag which lets out a small whimper before he drops it in to the river. Bucket comes to interview Barbary - what was he doing rowing with Jacob Marley on Christmas Eve. Barbary is forced to reveal he was at the docks to sell his wife's engagement ring to pay off part of his debt. From his description it is clear he sold the ring to Fagin. Bucket goes round to see Fagin who confirms Barbary's story but puts his own alibi in jeopardy. Bucket returns to Barbary and when Frances backs up his alibi by confirming they had carol singers that night and she has a record of what they were paid, Bucket crosses him off his list. However Fagin is getting closer in his sights. Relieved that his name is cleared Barbary looks to a brighter future before being told that all the stock he was expecting has been claimed by his creditors. He is completely ruined. Bill wants to take Nancy away from Fagin and her work as a prostitute. He offers Fagin five pounds but Fagin demands fifty. Mrs Gamp tells Silas a hair raising story to persuade him he shouldn't live alone.

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  • Episode 9

    Jaggers urges Barbary to make a plan but he refuses to believe all hope is lost and sets out to talk to all his previous business associates in the hope of getting a number of small loans. Honoria invites Captain Hawdon to tea determined to erase any thought of Sir Leicester as a suitor. Scrooge tells Barbary that if he can't pay by the end of the day he will think nothing of sending him to debtor's prison. During a very tense tea where Barbary challenges Hawdon as a suitor the bailiffs arrive to take Barbary away. Honoria and Frances are bereft. Devastated by the loss of Jip Amelia is amazed then horrified by Compeyson's callousness when he arrives with a puppy. Compeyson feigns ignorance - the puppy was simply a gift for his god daughter, he had no idea Jip was missing. Compeyson acts hurt that Miss Havisham should think so little of him and reveals that she occupies his every waking thought but he was unwilling to confess this to her before as he had had his heart terribly broken. Moved by his story, Amelia promises to never hurt him and they kiss. Bucket questions Nancy and Dodger hoping to further break Fagin's alibi - but their loyalty is unwavering. Pressure mounts on Bucket when a reward poster goes up. Mrs Gamp moves in with Silas hoping to get her hands on his gin. Silas thinks she's there for an altogether different purpose and leaps on her in bed during her afternoon nap. Mrs Gamp is horrified - in fact only a stiff drink can calm her nerves. Mrs Bumble spends a fortune making their home look presentable for Mr Gradgrind's visit Peter is determined to buy Nell the comb she loves for her birthday.

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  • Episode 10

    Compeyson is now officially courting Amelia Havisham and again demands cash from Arthur to make himself seem more credible as a suitor. Arthur is driven to selling some personal family items to obtain the money and with some drink inside him is becoming both more angry and more emboldened about being exploited like this. He goes to Satis House and very nearly gives the game away in front of Compeyson and Amelia but Compeyson deflects Amelia's concern onto her brother's drunkenness rather than what he's saying. Later that night, Compeyson teaches Arthur a cruel lesson with a severe whipping. Frances is still pestering Honoria that the only way to save the family is to enter an arranged marriage with Sir Leicester, but Honoria, determined, sets out with Captain Hawdon to try and solve her father's debt problems by other means. Downhearted by their failure they visit the debtor's prison where she finds her father a broken man. The sisters are momentarily united in grief for their father. Inspector Bucket continues to investigate Marley's death and is concentrating on the "C" in his diary. Emily Cratchit lets him know that Bob had told her about a warehouse owned by Marley called "Crouchers". Bucket is thrilled..this could be the lead he's been waiting for. Meanwhile the Bumbles entertain Mr Gradgrind, Bumble's boss. When he asks for seconds of her spotted dick Mrs Bumble thinks a new position is in the bag. Back at the Cratchit's, Bob and Emily are increasingly worried about Tim and at the Den, Sikes brings some cash to Fagin..he'll buy Nancy's "freedom" if it's the last thing he does.

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  • Episode 1

    It's Christmas Eve and as the snow falls over Victorian London, the body of wealthy brewer, Mr Havisham, is driven to his final resting place. His daughter, Amelia, and son, Arthur, accompany him, and the townsfolk pause to watch. One observer is money-lender, Jacob Marley, partner to Ebenezer Scrooge. Marley is visiting clients to collect their outstanding payments and nothing steers him from his brutal resolve. He visits the Old Curiosity Shop where Grandfather is tending to desperately ill, Little Nell. He visits Edward Barbary whose business has collapsed. He spreads fear and unhappiness wherever he goes. He concludes business for the day by arguing with Scrooge out in the street. Meanwhile, in a dark damp den by the river,a fire creates a circle of warmth where the gang-master, Fagin, holds court. He's organised for street girl, Nancy, to visit Marley tonight to "entertain" him. She'll be guarded by house-breaker and ruffian, Bill Sikes. Nancy isn't thrilled; she knows Marley of old but agrees to meet him later that night. As night draws on, there is some real Christmas cheer in the poor household of Scrooge's clerk; Bob Cratchit. He and his family have hardly enough money to live on but have scraped together enough to have a tiny feast tomorrow and there's enough love amongst the Cratchits; Bob, his wife, Emily, and their children including Tiny Tim to keep their little house the warmest in London. Back in the civilised world of the Havishams, the will is being read. Arthur, who had expected to inherit the brewery and all the family wealth, finds himself with only a small income. Everything is going to Amelia instead and Arthur is furious. He sends a message to an old friend...he has a plan. Amelia Havisham is about to return home, saddened by her brother's anger when he lurches out at her in the street. He bellows his rage at her and threatens to beat some humility into her...when, suddenly, a gentleman steps to her aid knocking Arthur to the ground. The stranger accompanies her home and takes her card promising to call again. But later we realise with shock that this gentleman who fought Arthur to protect Amelia, is in fact Arthur's friend, the man he asked to help him carry out his plan; Meriwether Compeyson. As the night darkens we stop for a moment at an alleyway by the docks. ..where the dead, cold, body of Jacob Marley is discovered. Murdered.

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  • Episode 2

    Christmas Day dawns and there's a stranger in Market St; Inspector Bucket. He is a pioneer of the new idea in policing; a Detective, brought in to find out who killed Jacob Marley. His friend, the taxidermist, Mr Venus, provides a post mortem on the dead body - discovering a splinter of wood in a wound in the head. He goes to visit an unseasonably inhospitable Scrooge to ask him about his partner and finds his journal in which, on the night of the murder, is written the letter "C" - Scrooge tells him this could refer to a money collection. It also shows he went to the Old Curiosity shop that day. Then there is the name "Nancy". At the Old Curiosity Shop, Little Nell has made a miraculous recovery and she and her Grandfather along with one-legged pub landlord, Silas Wegg, gin-soaked mid-wife, Mrs Gamp, and the local busy-body, Fanny Biggettywitch are having a pot-luck style lunch with a generous sideorder of gossip about the Inspector. The Cratchits enjoy a thrifty but joyous day, crowded into the little house with John, fiancee of Martha the eldest daughter sharing their tiny goose. The Barbarys is a more genteel affair, but far less happy. Severe daughter, Frances is blatantly jealous of her younger sister Honoria's easy enjoyment of life..Honoria knows nothing of their financial ruin. She is seeing a dashing young soldier Captain Hawdon, and Frances with her strict religious views is openly disapproving. Arthur Havisham is slumming it in rooms above the pub and Compeyson tells him he needs to trust the plan to win back what Arthur believes to be his due. Compeyson, with all his skill as a conartist will inveigle his way into Amelia's trust by presenting himself as a mediary between the siblings. However, when he turns up at Satis House and suggests this course of action to Amelia, she turns him away - she has no need of a stranger to solve her family problems. She has no need of any man. Spurred on by the challenge she presents, Compeyson returns to Arthur. His ambition has grown...they are going to take Amelia Havisham for every penny she's got.

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  • Episode 3

    Word is out about the murder and the local community speculate and gossip about who the villain might be. Scrooge, Marley's partner, refuses to indulge Fanny in her love of gruesome detail. He is becoming suspicious that Edward Barbary can't pay his debts, but coughs up more money to Arthur Havisham when he realises he has shares in the Brewery. Bucket is following up details found in Marley's journal. He knows from Scrooge and a name in the journal, that the murdered man saw "Nancy", that night. Bucket goes to see Fagin, who he knows of old, and asks him if he sent a girl called Nancy to Marley, and if he still uses Bill Sikes as protection for the girls? As Bucket puts the pressure on the old man, Fagin caves and gives Sikes address. Bucket gives him two days to send Nancy to the station. A furious Sikes is duly arrested as a cosh is found in his room, and he's slung in the cells to simmer down. But Venus has to dash Bucket's hopes; the splinter from Marley's head didn't come from this weapon. What's more, Little Nell can vouch for her Grandfather's presence by her sickbed at the time of the murder. Bucket's list of suspects is getting shorter all the time... Mrs Gamp has her eye on a home in the pub; The Three Cripples. Her strategy is to become indispensable as a nurse to one-legged landlord, Silas Wegg.She'll get as many free gins as possible out of the arrangement along the way. While Honoria and Captain James enjoy a carefree day out together, Frances Barbary is setting out to dash their hopes of marriage. A colleague of Hawdon's brings a message to the house telling the Captain that he can secure his much needed promotion if he gets to the barracks by six that evening. Frances assures him that she'll pass this on; but she burns the message and never says a word. When Honoria returns, Frances reveals to her the extent of the ruin the family are facing.

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  • Episode 4

    It's the day of Marley's funeral and Scrooge and Bob watch the hearse take Marley in his cheap coffin to his final resting place, a pauper's grave. Bucket shares a pie with a stand-offish Nancy and asks her about her bruised face. She tells him it was Marley but he shouldn't make much of it as that kind of thing happens all the time to girls like her and his sort never care. He swears he'll change her mind about "his sort". Relenting a little she divulges that she heard Marley arguing with Scrooge in the street. Now Bucket has a lead; but Jaggers, Scrooge's lawyer, is scornful; most partnerships are acrimonious after a while. But Bucket has realised that Scrooge never provided the books he asked for...he thinks he's on to something. It's the day of the Havisham Annual New Year's party for the brewery shareholders. Amelia is nervous about the scrutiny to come but her friend, Honoria, is supportive. Arthur reluctantly shows up for the party too, but when he does he is appalled to find Compeyson in his father's study. Compeyson bullies Arthur; why did his father not leave the Brewery to him? What's wrong with him? He is clearly touching a raw nerve with Arthur. He goes on to drive Amelia into a fury by telling her that he might attend a party organised by a woman,but would never invest in a business run by one. Frances is delighted to run into old acquaintance Sir Leicester Dedlock, a rich, elderly baronet, out with his nieces. They take tea together and Frances, flattered by his politeness to her, invites him to the house the next day. After leaving her, Dedlock takes the girls into Mantalinis Dress Shop and is devastated by the beauty that is Honoria modelling a fashionable ball gown. Asking for her name he is amazed to find she is Frances' sister. At the Cratchit house all is activity.Martha's wedding is tomorrow and there's a little party to get ready, dresses to be trimmed, shoes polished...Bob and Emily may not have much but they're the happiest couple alive.

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  • Episode 5

    Bucket takes Marley's ledger from a surly Scrooge, and goes to visit Venus who is helping him with his bad back. Then he pores over the names of the creditors looking for clues. Arthur returns to his rooms,startled to find Compeyson there. Compeyson realising that Arthur is concerned by his sexuality, bullies him provocatively. Compeyson then pretends to be an old friend of Hawdon's in order to get close to Amelia again at the New Year's Day fair. But Miss Havisham is aloof after his behaviour at the party the night before. With psychotic cunning, Compeyson goes on to furtively throw her little dog, Jip, under the wheels of a cart before publicly rescuing him. Compeyson tells Amelia he is out of his depth and could drown in her. Edward Barbary is making a gamble that he can retrieve stranded textile stock out in the East Indies by borrowing money from Scrooge to bring the silks to London. Scrooge agrees to the loan on the condition that the Barbary House stands as collateral. Frances has prepared for tea with Sir Leicester. She wears a lace collared dress, even a dab of scent borrowed from her sister, and is supressing girlish excitement. It is a cruel blow to her then, when he asks her if she can help with an introduction to her sister, Honoria. It's the day of Martha Cratchit's wedding and Emily goes to wait by the church with the family and other guests. Bob stays at the house with his beautiful young daughter just about to start her adult life. A moving moment. They are just about to leave for the ceremony when a knock comes at the door. It is Bucket. He has come to arrest Bob Cratchit for the murder of Jacob Marley.

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