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Career Decisions: Physical Therapy

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Career Decisions: Physical Therapy presents, a comprehensive guide to perspective physical therapy students. The program is designed to enable teachers and career guidance counselors a means to present a guide to choosing the physical therapy profession. Physical Therapy or PT has been a part of the American patient care experience for over a hundred years. PT has grown exponentially until in the 21st century it is an essential part of every patient's medical team. Career Decisions: Physical Therapy examines five key areas in the PT profession: 1) opportunities to find a fulfilling career in physical therapy; 2) the many choices of schools for PT students; 3) what doctors and hospital administrators want in their physical therapists; 4) how PT has evolved to become a major part of the 21st century medical team; 5), and most important for the prospective physical therapist an examination of PT schools' challenges.



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