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History of the U.S. Constitution

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It is our nation's most revered document and a creation of mankind's enduring search for liberty and freedom. It resonates with the spirit of the times during which it was conceived and serves as a guide to an unknown and rapidly changing future. It is the United States of America's Constitution. In this series we shall see how this document has protected the American people from the abuses of power and tyranny and how for over two centuries the principles set forth by the U.S. Constitution have empowered Americans to excel and aspire to greatness - great art, great literature, excellence and leadership in science and technology. The Constitution has enabled the United States to become the world's most prosperous and most powerful nation.


  • The Seeds of the Constitution

    1619- Virginia Colonists Create the First Legislative Assembly. 1733- Parliament Restricts Free Trade Through the Molasses Act. 1735- The Peter Zenger Trial Lays the Seed for Freedom of the Press. 1739- Black Uprising in South Carolina Foreshadows Constitutional Crisis. 1739- The Great Awakening and the Separation of Church and State.

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  • Founding of the Constitution

    1750- Iron Act Restricts American Business. 1754- Albany Plan of Union Sets Out the Foundation for the U.S. Constitution. 1760- James Otis Fights for the Security of People in Their Homes. 1765- Stamp Act and Taxation Without Representation. 1774- The Quartering Act Leads to the Third Amendment. 1774- Massachusetts Creates the Minutemen Militia.

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  • Writing The Constitution and the Bill of Rights

    1774- First Continental Congress Meets in Philadelphia. 1776- Declaration of Independence. 1786- Shays' Rebellion Shows the Need for a New Constitution. 1787- US Constitution is Written. 1788- Congress Sends 12 Amendments to the States. 1789- Alexander Hamilton Shapes America's Modern Industrial Economy. 1791- States Ratify Madison's Bill of Rights.

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  • Testing The Constitution

    1793- Congress Enacts a Fugitive Slave Act. 1794- Congress Passes 11th Amendment Protecting States Rights. 1794- Freedom to Protest is Tested in the Whiskey Rebellion. 1796- John Adams Becomes the Second President of United States Inaugurating the Two-party System and is Responsible for the 12th Amendment. 1798- Alien and Sedition Acts Usher in a Bleak Period of American Political Freedom. 1803- John Marshall Establishes a Strong Supreme Court Through Marbury v. Madison.

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  • The Constitution Survives

    1810- Marshall Establishes the Sanctity of Contracts. 1828- Jacksonian Democracy and the Constitution. 1848- Mexican American War and Manifest Destiny Set up America's Greatest Constitutional Crisis. 1861- Southern States Secede and Force Constitutional Crisis.

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  • The Constitution Is Expanded

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  • The Constitution in a Changing World

    1919- Supreme Court Limits Free Speech and Freedom of the Press in Schenck v. US. 1920- Women Gain the Right to Vote Through the 19th Amendment. 1933- 20th and 21st New Deal Amendments Herald a Change in American Life. 1951- Americans Limit a President to Two Terms with the 22nd Amendment. 1954- Brown v. Board of Education Ends "Separate but Equal" for Black America. 1961- Citizens of Washington D.C. Gain the Right to Vote with the 23rd Amendment.

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  • Constitution Reform and Controversy

    1961- Supreme Court Prevents Illegal Search and Seizure with Mapp v. Ohio. 1964- Warren Court Strengthens "Innocent Until Proven Guilty" Through Miranda. 1964- 24th Amendment Prohibits Poll Taxes in Federal Elections. 1967-92: 25th, 26th and 27th Amendments Reform America's Political Landscape. 1973- Roe v. Wade Extends Constitutional Right of Privacy. 2000- America Contests a Presidential Election.

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