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The Legacy List with Matt Paxton

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As baby boomers downsize living spaces and settle estates, THE LEGACY LIST helps aging homeowners catalog a lifetime of belongings, locating treasured heirlooms and unexpected valuables in the attic, closet, or even under the floorboards. Host Matt Paxton, a nine-season veteran of A&E's Hoarders, is joined by military memorabilia expert Avi Hopkins, fashion collectibles authority Jaime Ebanks, and Mike Kelleher, a walking encyclopedia of pop culture trinkets and antiques.


  • Anne Manley / Richmond, VA

    Anne is downsizing from her Richmond, VA home to be closer to her parents in Jacksonville, FL. The Legacy List team has just 24 hours to find the items she holds dear. They're hunting for her collection of sharks' teeth, her father's book of poetry he wrote during his time as a POW and an antique abacus. Celebrating these items from the past will help Anne prepare for her next life stage.

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  • Day Family / Llewellyn Park, NJ

    With a family tree filled with entrepreneurs, politicians and explorers, Julie and Cindy will say goodbye to the home where so many amazing stories were created. Matt and team visit Llewellyn Park, New Jersey to help mother and daughter sort through family treasures to discover items brought home from exotic trips abroad, handwritten 300 year-old letters and connections to neighbor Thomas Edison.

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  • Lambert Family / Mechanicsville, VA

    As the first African American woman to receive an MBA from Harvard Business School, Lillian Lambert was a trailblazer. Now she needs Matt's help packing up her prized possessions and downsizing to a smaller home in Mechanicsville, VA. The team searches for Legacy List items and experiences a powerful moment when Lillian and her husband discover incredible news of their family's roots.

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  • Lenis Northmore / Newark, DE

    Retired art historian and world traveler Lenis Northmore is downsizing from her 6,000 square foot home in Newark, DE to a smaller home in Williamsburg, VA. Lenis has a great eye and her home is filled with artwork, artifacts and mementos she has collected over the years. Matt and his team have three days to dig through her estate to find her most prized items and find a place to put them.

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  • Seidel Family / Norristown, PA

    The team travels to Norristown, PA to help a brother and sister clear out their father's 300-year-old farmhouse full of beer memorabilia and sell most of it to support their siblings. The team searches through over one million items to find a few important Legacy List items that will help the adult children remember their larger than life father.

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  • Shirley Macon / Aberdeen, NJ

    Retired schoolteacher Shirley Macon of Aberdeen, New Jersey is downsizing and moving to Atlanta, Georgia to be closer to her daughters. Her home is filled with pictures, plaques and artwork that celebrate her family's Civil Rights heritage. Emotions arise when Shirley sees her home empty for the first time in 50 years, but her spirits brighten when Matt reunites her with the legacy items he found.

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