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In the series “Food Systems – Extended Interviews” four distinguish experts comment on food systems which comprise all those activities involved in the production, processing, transport and consumption of food. In general, a food system can be described as the path food travels from farm to fork and back again as part of a feedback loop or cycle. The food path may be as short as produce from a local farm to your dinner table. Also included are the shift to sustainable agriculture, organic farming, And vertical agriculture.


  • Bruce Welt, Ph.D

    Food packaging, processing and preservation are a big part of the food systems especially with regard to food security. Dr. Welt begins with a history food preservation. He moves on to talk about the goals of food processing. He then takes up packaging design and the evolution of materials used in packaging. He then summarizes what drives packaging innovation. This is followed by a number of examples of packaging innovation. Dr. Welt concludes his take on the future of packaging.

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  • Gary Burniske

    Gary Burniske begins with an overview of basic agricultural conservation principles. This is followed by analysis of the scientific basis of agricultural sustainability. Burniske concludes with a discussion of the newly emerging field of global food security.

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  • James Anderson, Ph.D

    Dr. Anderson begins with a basic description of food systems and talks about of feedback loops are a major part of how they work. This is followed by an explanation of how science is playing a greater role in understanding food systems and how to make them more sustainable. He then discusses the difficulty in managing food systems. Then using his big board he gives two major examples of global fish food systems and concludes with a brief statement about the future of food system theory.

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  • Tom Tomich, Ph.D

    Dr Tom Tomich provides a comprehensive overview of the new science of food systems. He begins with a definition of what food systems are and then discusses the causal drivers that make the system dynamic. He then draws our attention to the fact that food systems can only be understood through systems theory. He concludes with how critical it is to manage food systems is a part of the global economy.

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