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Bolstered by a co-production relationship with Harvard's Ash Institute, Visionaries presents 6 new shows that celebrate what happens when our inventive spirit is combined with a commitment to the greater good. Sam Waterston leads viewers on an extraordinary odyssey to explore the remarkable capacity Americans have to create positive change in the world. You will meet bold innovators, dynamic social entrepreneurs, and creative problem solvers that are changing lives all across the country and throughout the world.


  • A Journey to Justice

    The American Law Institute - The American Law Institute was founded in 1923 by a group of legal giants with the goal of simplifying and clarifying laws throughout the United States. In 1962 they published the Model Penal Code, which provided articulate interpretations of every area of law, from murder, to theft, to sexual offenses. Since then, the Institute has periodically gathered hundreds of the world's most prominent legal minds, including scholars, judges, and lawyers, to deliberate with NGOs and advocates, to revisit these codes and adapt them to the modern world. In this episode, we'll visit two of ALI's large gatherings where these experts have come to discuss the issues surrounding sexual assault and Native American law.

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  • A Law Firm Like No Other

    Public Advocates - Public Advocates is one of the oldest public interest law firms in the country. It presents a unique blend of principled legal advocacy and community action. They are a leading example of the power communities can wield against corporations, gentrification, and other systemic forces when experienced lawyers join forces with activists. In this episode of the Visionaries, we examine two of their most recent successes: how they were able to convince Facebook to commit to funding affordable housing in the neighborhoods surrounding their headquarters, and the creation of the Local Control Funding Formula, which responsibly allocates education funding to those who need it most.

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  • Americans Fighting for Consumer Rights

    National Consumer Law Center - In modern society, millions of people have little voice or power in an economy increasingly controlled by big corporations. But, all across the country, in big cities and small towns, a remarkable group of people are committed to the idea that the law can be a tool for empowering consumers and advancing economic justice. The National Consumer Law Center, NCLC, is a network of legal advocates who are dedicated to taking on big banks, financial services companies, predatory lenders, and their allies in Washington, DC. They work to protect vulnerable people from unfair, deceptive, and abusive practices, and promote the long-term financial health and security of those most in need.

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  • Islands of Change

    Child Family Service - In the beginning it was as simple as one person helping another. Someone was in need of food, or shelter, or maybe they were sick. You gave them what they needed. Life... and philanthropy, is more complex now. We need organizations that can help those in need, while also addressing a myriad of social and economic issues-the issues that caused that need in the first place. This is a story about a non-profit organization that has elegantly merged bold risk-taking with outcome driven, evidence-based programs that are helping thousands of children. But the real power of their story is the interplay of innovation and accountability that can inspire an extraordinary level of creative thinking across America.

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  • The Fight for Children's Rights

    Children's Rights - Children's Rights is a national non-profit organization that uses relentless, strategic advocacy and legal action to prevent harm to children. Tennessee is one of the many places across America where Children's Rights has had lasting impact. In 1998, vulnerable children were placed in institutions, and shuttled around, many in 10 or more placements. They suffered trauma unnecessarily. This is the story of how one of the worst child care systems in the country become one of the best, demonstrating what can happen when tenacious legal advocates sit down together with public officials committed to doing the right thing.

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  • Trafficking Solution

    Selah Freedom - Selah Freedom is an organization founded by three women in Sarasota Florida who work to eradicate sex trafficking using a new model built on four pillars: Prevention, Outreach, Awareness and Residences. The fact that is lost in the sensational media stories on trafficking, is that this is not just a big city problem. As you are about to see, sex trafficking can take place in any city or town across America. Moreover, the exploited come from every socio-economic background. Selah Freedom works to dispel dangerous misconceptions about the issue so that they can begin to curb the hidden damage it does every day in America and around the world.

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