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V. Douglas Snow: The Contemporary Landscape

Grade Levels: 6 - 12
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  • Outdoor Sketches Inspire and Inform Studio Paintings

    Utah landscape painter Doug Snow sketches outdoors and then moves into his studio to paint. He works outdoors, drawing and sketching shapes from the landscape with pen and ink. He explains that although the red rock provides his subject matter, he is not drawing the rocks, rather he uses them to provide information and data. He refers to the model to confirm what he is doing, not to "get it right." When he takes the drawing into the studio, it is already several times removed from the landscape; and if he uses it to paint a painting, it is even farther removed from the drawing and most often reflects his enthusiasm for the experience he has had outdoors. His work becomes an abstraction of the landscape and in a sense he "paints falsely," then makes his painting authentic through his own awareness of what really happens in nature.

    Length: 00:02:39
  • Returning to Common Themes Over Time

    Painter Doug Snow talks about becoming aware that over time his work has exhibited some common themes. Closeups of a number of his paintings explore these themes.

    Length: 00:01:56
  • Story of V. Douglas Snow's Mural at the Salt Lake Public Library

    Footage of painter Doug Snow painting a mural for the Salt Lake Public Library is narrated by Snow talking about his experience creating a large scale mural for a public space. He talks about how the construction crew finishing the library was at first apprehensive but ultimately realized that creating the mural was a lot of hard work and they ultimately became advocates of the piece. He discusses the challenge of creating something that would wear well over time and repeated viewings.

    Length: 00:01:57
  • The Process of Creating Abstract Work Inspired by Landscape

    Utah landscape painter Doug Snow works on an oil painting, inside his studio, inspired by his outdoor sketches. He talks about the idea of abstract art and the fact that all art is comprised of symbols, some recognizable and some not. He talks about his own process of eliminating the parts of his paintings that don't contribute to the overall feeling or message while emphasizing those aspects that contribute to the desired effect and communicate the landscape "in me."

    Length: 00:01:54
  • The Role of the Individual Artist in Contemporary Society

    Utah landscape painter Doug Snow talks about the role of the individual artist in contemporary society. He discusses the value of the individual voice and the importance of what an individual mind can accomplish in an age when most work is done with collective minds. He talks about deciding to be an artist and the fraternity of past and present artists of which he feels a part.

    Length: 00:02:26
  • Utah's Landscape Provides Artistic Inspiration

    Utah landscape painter Doug Snow explains how the Utah landscape provides inspiration for his art. He speaks about why he came home to Utah, to paint, leaving a successful career in the East. He explains that the desert landscape of southern Utah puts him in the right mood or spirit to be creative and he finds inspiration and motivation for his work by tying into something that matters to him. A series of shots from his abstract paintings follow.

    Length: 00:02:09



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