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Utah World War II Stories

Grade Levels: 9 - 12
Core Subject(s): Social Studies
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  • Utah World War II Stories. Part01: The Struggle.

    First part in a four-part series, "The Struggle" covers from the bombing of Pearl Harbor to the American counter-attack on Tokyo. Present-day interviews with several veterans are interspersed with period footage and photos from WWII events to tell the story of America's introduction into World War II.

    Length: 01:11:41
  • Utah World War II Stories. Part02: Europe.

    Part two of a four-part series, "Europe" details the submarine warfare, D-Day invasion, Battle of the Bulge, and camp liberation of World War II as told by Utah veterans.

    Length: 01:48:30
  • Utah World War II Stories. Part03: The Pacific.

    Part three in a four-part series, "The Pacific" focuses on the experiences of the soldiers and officers in the field. Utah veterans remember being prisoners of war, surviving shark-infested waters, and finding it within themselves to make it through treacherous times with unfavorable odds.

    Length: 02:04:34
  • Utah World War II Stories. Part04: The Home Front.

    Part four in a four-part series featuring Utah WWII veterans. Part four focuses on the lives of the American citizens while their sons, husbands and fathers were away to war. The sacrifices they made in food rations and in war goods production, in addition to the tremendous support they gave soldiers via letters made the war victory possible.

    Length: 01:24:17



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