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Grade Levels: 6 - 12
Core Subject(s): Language Arts, Language Arts, Social Studies
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  • A Poet's Search for Words

    Poet Sharon Bryan discovers an old newspaper photo of her great-grandfather and ponders the similarity between the miner's search for gold and the writer's search for words. Historic newspapers, old photos and a dramatic re-inactment of a miner panning for gold, provide a glimpse of life in Eureka, Utah, a century ago.

    Length: 00:02:11
  • Eureka!. Evaporation and Condensation.

    Length: 00:04:47
  • Sharon Bryan Recites a Poem About the Cemetery in Eureka, Utah

    Sharon Bryan visits the cemetery in Eureka, Utah and recites a poem that is inspired by the place and the lives of the people buried there. She leaves Eureka knowing that by being there she has discovered something important about herself and her life as a poet. She acknowledges that she will return, and that she is happy having found herself, and another reason to be.

    Length: 00:03:31
  • Writing as a Family Heirloom

    Poet Sharon Bryan discovers an old family baby shoe and realizes that her writing, just like tangible family treasures, is something that can be passed along to the next generation. She realizes that even though she has no children or extended family to pass along this treasure to, she can still share things that are important, with future generations, her through her writing.

    Length: 00:01:57
  • Writing Poetry - Returning Home for Inspiration

    Poet Sharon Bryan returns to the hometown of her grandfather's family, in Eureka, Utah, to see if being there might provide inspiration for her writing. She goes through the box of family treasures and talks about how these few tangible pieces of family history provide a view of a past. Next she visit s her aunt's house and learns more about her family, hoping that being there, amidst these objects and stories, will help her look out from this place, instead of into it, as most writers do, providing the inspiration she seeks to resume her writing.

    Length: 00:01:43



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