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Who Counts? Election Reform in America.

Grade Levels: 6 - 12
Core Subject(s): Social Studies
Length: 00:56:48
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No matter whom you were rooting for in 2000, the presidential election was a wake up call; America needs election reform. This program combines comedic elements with documentary-style interviews to examine a system in disarray. Election 2000 and the fiasco in Florida provide a backdrop for examining this important issue. WHO COUNTS? Mixes "man on the street" comments with testimonies from Florida voters and key players in the state's recount efforts. Academics and politicians from both sides of the aisle weigh in on these unprecedented events and the need for election reform. And all along, Saturday Night Live's Darrell Hammond puts in his two-cents while playing the characters he's best known for, including Al Gore, Dick Cheney and Bill Clinton. CNN's former Washington Bureau chief, Frank Sesno joins Hammond in this special.



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