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What Lights Nate

Grade Levels: 6 - 12
Core Subject(s): Science, Fine Arts - Visual Arts
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  • Fire Art At The Burning Man Festival

    At the Burning Man Festival, fire artist Nate Smith, talks about the event and about enlisting others, including his father (who did it "just for the experience"), to help him build his fire vortex machine.

    Length: 00:02:12
  • Fire Vortex Machine At The Burning Man Festival

    While talking about two important issues - - being safe and being willing to experiment, fire artist Nate Smith demonstrates his fire vortex machines for audiences at Burning Man Festival. An inspector explains that Smith's work has been checked for safety while a festival visitor talks about the sensuality of watching his fire shows.

    Length: 00:03:13
  • Introduction to Nate Smith's Flame Vortex Machine

    After briefly showing the final product, fire artist Nate Smith describes and shows how his first fire vortex machine works. He explains the physics of wind patterns that effect its operation and some of the challenges in finding the right materials. After producing the prototype, he fabricates an improved, working version.

    Length: 00:04:10
  • The Burning Man Festival in Winnemucca, Nevada

    Views of structures, activities and people at the Burning Man Festival are featured. Several attendees offer comments about the event.

    Length: 00:02:49



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