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Vote Utah Debate

Grade Levels: 9 - 12
Core Subject(s): Social Studies
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  • Vote Utah Debate. First Congressional District-10/13/06.

    Republican, Rob Bishop and Democrat, Steve Olsen debate issues in the 2006 Utah First Congressional District campaign. Studio audience members ask questions and candidates respond. Topics include: party differences, support for public education, controlling healthcare costs, response to nuclear testing in North Korea, the war in Iraq, increasing the minimum wage, immigration control, cable television regulation, private accounts for social security, social services funding, federal income tax reform, controlling lobbyists influence, restoring faith in government.

    Length: 00:56:32
  • Vote Utah Debate. Third Congressional District-10/27/06.

    Length: 00:56:49
  • Vote Utah Debate. U.S. Congressional Debate-Second District-10/20/06.

    Length: 00:57:25
  • Vote Utah Debate. U.S. Senate Debate, Orrin Hatch and Pete Ashdown, 11/03/06.

    Length: 00:47:01



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