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Grade Levels: 6 - 12
Core Subject(s): Educational Technology, CTE/Information Technology
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  • NetSafe Utah. It's Just a Game - Or Is It?

    This video clip addresses how kids use online gaming to not only have fun but to also socialize with friends and others. Examples of these games include World of War Craft, Runescape, and Second Life. A scenario is played out with a girl teen whose screen name is "Tiffanonly" and how she meets a friend, "Rockman" while gaming online. This scenario shows how easily an online predator can find enough information about Tiffanonly to eventually track down where she lives. It also shows what she could have done to avoid becoming a potential victim.

    Length: 00:08:48
  • NetSafe Utah. Kids Know Technology - Now It's Your Turn.

    This video clip addresses basic terms regarding today?s technology such as computers, the Internet, e-mail, instant messaging, and texting. A glimpse of a typical teenager's day is explored with respect to their online activities. In addition, a brief overview of the benefits and dangers are looked at with suggestions on what parents can do to help them create a safer environment at home.

    Length: 00:06:44



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