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Utah Women and Education

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  • Utah Women and Education

    This comprehensive video describes the research behind the benefits of a higher education for women.

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  • Utah Women and Education: A Dad?s Impact on Higher Education

    Hey dads, did you know that the things you do today can make a difference for whether your daughter finishes her college degree? Research has shown that reading to your kids, helping with homework, creating daily learning experiences, and setting expectations for success increases the chances your daughter has of finishing her degree. So, dads, you can set an example and look to provide guidanceand practical support for your daughter’s success in college. Go visit to see more about how you can change lives for the better.

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  • Utah Women and Education: Benefits of Higher Education

    Did you know that college degrees benefit the people who earn them as well as the families and communities in which they live? Women with college degrees enjoy greater job stability and satisfaction. They live longer, healthier lives, have happier marriages, and have less stress then women without degrees. Studies even say that their children are healthier too!

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  • Utah Women and Education: Civic Life

    Everybody knows that a woman with a college degree will have a higher earning potential, but did you know that women who finish school give blood more often, and are two-times as likely to vote than women who only have a high school degree? In addition, they are even 24-percent more likely to volunteer! Deciding to finish school or encouraging a friend to get that degree has multiple benefits, even for your community.

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  • Utah Women and Education: Economic Benefits of Higher Education

    Earning a college degree does not just give a young woman an education about the world she lives in, it also enhances her economic well-being. Did you know that earning a college degree increases a woman’s potential income by as much as 81%? Investing in a college education also decreases the amount of time a woman will spend unemployed, increases the employer-provided benefits she earns, and significantly boosts her ultimate job satisfaction. You only have to pay for an education once, but an education will pay you back for the rest of your life! For more, visit

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  • Utah Women and Education: Higher Education for Moms

    If you are a mother, thinking about juggling college and kids can be daunting, but did you know there are more opportunities to earn a college degree than you can imagine? There are many resources that will help you balance college and family life! You have access tomany programs like child care resources, distance learning, and flexible schedule programs that will support your decision to earn a college degree. And finishing school offers limitless benefits for you and your family. To find out more about the resources that exist for parents in college, visit

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  • Utah Women and Education: Mental Health Benefits of Higher Education

    College makes you smarter. That’s a no-brainer. A college education shapes and strengthens intellect, it also gives you better resources for meeting the rest of life’s obstacles. By encouraging the women you know to go to college, you are helping them build the tools they need to solve problems and create solutions. When women flex their brain muscles and analytical skills in classes, those skills lead to better mental health down the road. Finishing college puts the pieces together for a happy, complete future. For more, visit

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  • Utah Women and Education: Personal Benefits of Higher Education

    Do you want to know one secret to a better life? Then, look what happens for a woman who earns a college degree! Research reveals multiple personal benefits for a woman who finishes college. By graduating with a degree, a woman is immediately more likely to enjoy a happier, healthier life. She experiences less physical and emotional stress, she reports more satisfaction with her job or career, and she has more satisfying relationships throughout her life. It’s clear: earning a college degree will change your life for the better! To find out more, visit

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  • Utah Women and Education: Physical Health Benefits of Higher Education

    Did you know that women with college degrees make healthier life choices? A college-educated woman not only experiences greater health for herself, she also has healthier children. She experiences less stress, has lower blood pressure, and is less likely to struggle with obesity-related illnesses. So, if your body could talk, it would say to exercise, eat right, and finish college! Find out more about the health benefits of finishing your degree, visit

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  • Utah Women and Education: Saving for College

    Setting up a college savings plan for your daughter tells her you value a college education, believe in her ability to succeed, and have high hopes for her future. Girls with a college savings plan are more likely to plan for and complete college because they know, from an early age, that it’s a priority.

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  • Utah Women and Education: The Gift of Higher Education

    All parents want to give their daughters healthy and happy lives. A college education does just that! If you give your daughter the gift of a college degree, you aren’t just giving her a college experience, you are also giving her the opportunity to develop her intellect empower herself and be more resilient through life. Research shows that a college degree decreases a woman’s stress throughout her life, and, simply by earning a degree, she is more likely to build lasting, satisfying relationships. So, it’s clear: a college degree is a gift that keeps on giving! To find out more, visit

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  • Utah Women and Education: The Secret to College Success

    What gives a woman the best chance for earning a college degree? The people around her! Studies show that a supportive network of family, friends, teachers, community and religious leaders puts a student securely on the path to finishing college. If you are a relative, friend, or role model for a young woman, your influence on her future success is crucial. Showing that you believe in her and encouraging her to earn a degree will affect all areas of her life, for the rest of her life. Learn more about how you can support those you love in achieving college and lifelong success, visit

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