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Mormon Pioneer National Heritage Area

Grade Levels: 3 - 12
Core Subject(s): Social Studies
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  • Discovery Road: Blackhawk War

    In this edition of Discovery Road, the Blackhawk War is examined.

    Length: 00:59:05
  • Discovery Road: Butch Cassidy, Wales & Outlaw Ways

    This episode of Discovery Road introduces viewers to the connection between outlaw Butch Cassidy and a family in Wales that immigrated to Utah. The family in Wales learns about the western bandit and realizes they have an amazing connection to the American West. The documentary also visits with relatives of Butch Cassidy in Utah who maintain he died in the United States and not the way it is portrayed in the movies. The movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid is discussed as it relates to family history. In addition scenes in the film featuring Grafton, Utah are explored as icons with powerful meaning for the movie and historic preservation. Also a small Utah town lifts the curtain on its treatment of the outlaw Butch Cassidy story.

    Length: 00:25:23
  • Discovery Road: Garfield County

    In this edition of Discovery Road, we visit the Garfield County’s historical cities and sites including Panguitch, Escalante’s Hole-in-the-Rock center and journey along the historical scenic byway Highway 12.

    Length: 00:24:00
  • Discovery Road: Kanab International Show

    In this edition of Discovery Road, James heads to the boarder, setting on buying a ticket to the old west. He visit Orderville, Utah and meets up with some Europeans who are exploring the west, some for the fist time.

    Length: 00:22:36
  • Discovery Road: Kanab Movie Makers

    In this editon of Discovery Road, we travel to beautiful Kanab, where we join aspiring movie makers during the 2014 Kane County's Little Hollywood Shootout.

    Length: 00:24:20
  • Discovery Road: Kane County

    In this edition of Discovery Road, James heads south where he stumbles upon works from a famous artist, learns about Jacob Hamblin, delivers some newspapers, and learns the history behind the Thunderbird Restaurant in Mt. Carmel, Utah.

    Length: 00:24:02
  • Discovery Road: Native Americans and Sacred Water

    In this special edition of Discovery Road, we explore how water is a secred resource for Native Americans in Utah.

    Length: 00:26:48
  • Discovery Road: Precious Jewels in any Language

    On the 100th anniversary of the National Parks, Discovery Road provides an international viewpoint of America's best idea. Tourists from France, Germany, Viet Nam, Australia, Canada and many other countries are interviewed while vacationing in Utah. A former volunteer in the National Park Service is featured greeting visitors in their own language and with a unique salutation. Co-host Maryda Nicole Gallo shows us how to listen for animals and sounds that make National Parks classrooms of discovery. Co-host James Nelson explores the popularity of stargazing in National Parks. No matter the language tourists can look into a night sky and find excitement in what they see. Discovery Road introduces viewers to the man responsible for looking skyward in America's National Parks.

    Length: 00:29:38
  • Discovery Road: Road Stops & Stop Signs

    This episode of Discovery Road pays a visit to small town America with stops in Spring City, Duck Creek Village, and Alton, Utah. A taste of pie in Duck Creek, a tour of historic homes in Spring City and a real show stopper in Alton will give viewers insight to life off the main highway. The show offers a look at the longstanding sheep industry in the Sanpete Valley through the lens of a still photographer. Beautiful photos document the wool gathering process, workers and showcase the range sheep call home. The documentary also introduces us to an artist who paints on barn wood. The unique style has been applied to an amazing World War II story with an intriguing tie to September 11. The road travels include a visit to a small town library to check out a few yarns about the historic corridor along highway 89.

    Length: 00:27:44
  • Discovery Road: Scandinavian Days

    In this edition of Discovery Road, we visit Scandinavian days in Ephraim, Utah. We explore the history behind oolite limestone and how it was used, we attend an old time radio show rehearsal and discover the heritage of some local residents.

    Length: 00:27:50
  • Discovery Road: Stories from Highway 89

    In this edition of Discovery Road, we're presented with an encore presentation of a previous episode about pioneers, ghost towns, and the gripping story of John D. Lee.

    Length: 00:24:30
  • Discovery Road: The Disabled

    In this special edition of Discovery Road, we heard the untold stories of pioneers with disabilities, who traveled the historic Mormon Trail.

    Length: 00:27:50
  • Discovery Road: The Dreams I Left Behind

    In this special edition of Discovery Road, we uncover the story about far away, long ago beginnings of the Graham family, who has ties in England and America.

    Length: 00:27:46
  • Discovery Road: The Snow College Story

    This episode of Discovery Road shows viewers how a small college in small town America can have a big impact on Utah and the world. Looking at history the college has an impressive story of how it all got started in Ephraim, Utah. The cramped, non-descript rooms where classes were first held and the modern, state-of-the-art facilities now on campus are visited in the show. The music department at Snow College hits all the right notes as it connects with the Julliard School of Music in New York. The documentary also reveals a World War II love story that has become a part of Snow College. The dedicated veterans, their hopes and dreams during wartime are featured. The show also chronicles early science programs and concludes with a glimpse at future campus opportunity.

    Length: 00:29:44
  • Discovery Road: Wasatch Academy

    The incredible story of Wasatch Academy is rolled out during a Discovery Road visit to the Mt. Pleasant, Utah campus amid the 2014 Founders Day celebration. Discovery Road crew members tour the school grounds and meet old timers who attended the school half-a-century ago. In contrast the student profile of today shows 37 nations represented with foreign languages heard in every classroom. Discovery Road chats with these international students about their experience in America. In addition the compelling story of how a Presbyterian minister started the school in the heart of Mormon country and how he carried a pistol to the pulpit just in case there was trouble.

    Length: 00:25:24



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