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Cents & $ensibility - Women & Money

Grade Levels: 9 - 12
Core Subject(s): Financial Literacy
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  • ¢ents & $ensibility - Women & Money: A Man is Not a Financial Plan

    Unless you can guarantee that you will marry, your husband will earn enough to support you, you will never separate, and he will never die or become disabled—then you must be prepared to support yourself and control your financial future. Join us for a practical discussion about the things you can do today to shore up your financial future no matter what life throws your way. Jonyce J Bullock, CPA Squire & Company Partner, Cindy Psuick, CPA Squire & Company Manager, Sheila Sawka, CPA Squire & Company Auditor, Merrilee Boyack, Estate Planning Attorney and Author.

    Length: 01:01:10
  • ¢ents & $ensibility - Women & Money: Family Finances Boot Camp

    Are you a spender or saver? How do these behaviors affect your ability to reach your goals? This boot camp will help you determine your money personality, help you create a spending plan and provide other information on family finances. By knowing your money personality, you can figure the best way to save and create a saving plan that will be successful. Using these techniques you can dream big and achieve these dreams. Laura Ricaldi, PhD, Professor of Personal Financial Planning, UVU Ryan H. Law, M.S., CFP, AFC, Utah Valley University Financial Planning Office.

    Length: 00:50:50
  • ¢ents & $ensibility - Women & Money: Show Me the Money

    Does an investment in education pay off for women? This session, geared to high school and college-aged women, focuses on the wide range of benefits that women derive from completing college. Includes information about the costs of college, effectively planning for those costs, financial aid, and ways to get through with little or no debt. Timi Joy Jorgensen, Associate Advisor, CORE Financial Luke Dean, Ph.D. Finance Planning Program Director, Utah Valley University Tera Prestwich, Financial Aid Specialist, Women’s Success Center, Utah Valley University.

    Length: 00:57:57



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