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Thursday, July 22nd, 2021
12:00 AM Find It, Fix It, Drive It

Professor T
A Fish Called Walter
12:15 AM
12:30 AM
12:45 AM
1:00 AM Autoline THIS WEEK
Can The Grid Handle All These EVs?
Antiques Roadshow Recut
Out of This World, Part 1
1:15 AM
1:30 AM Ultimate Guide to Fly Fishing
Redfish on a Fly
Antiques Roadshow Recut
Out of This World, Part 2
1:45 AM
2:00 AM Women Outward Bound

The Latino Experience
Episode Three
2:15 AM
2:30 AM
2:45 AM
3:00 AM America's Heartland

In Their Own Words
Pope Francis
3:15 AM
3:30 AM In The Americas with David Yetman
Bogota to the Amazaon: A Trip Across Columbia
3:45 AM
4:00 AM On Story
Script to Screen: A Quiet Place
Ready Jet Go!
Solar System Bake-Off/Kid-Kart Derby
4:15 AM
Buddhism, Bhutan, and Me
Arthur Makes Waves/It Came from Beyond
4:45 AM
5:00 AM Expeditions with Patrick McMillan
Blue Ridge, The Heart of the Eastern Forest
Molly of Denali
Hot Springs Eternal/Tooeys Hero
5:15 AM
5:30 AM Changing Seas
Tracking Tigers
Wild Kratts
Aardvark Town
5:45 AM
6:00 AM My World Too
Sustainable Architecture For Our Future, A Tiny Homes Community
Hero Elementary
Fair Weather / Home Sweet Home
6:15 AM
6:30 AM Conscious Living
Dancing to the Rhythm Around The World
Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum
I Am Harriet Tubman
6:45 AM
7:00 AM NHK Newsline

Curious George
Lost Treasure of Bugaboo Bend/Apple Pie of My Eye
7:15 AM
7:30 AM Dw Euromaxx

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
Daniel Waits with Dad/Margaret's New Shoes
7:45 AM
8:00 AM Functional Fitness with Suzanne Andrews
Younger Joints In 30 Days
Donkey Hodie
Spooky Shadow Swamp/Hidden Orchestra
8:15 AM
8:30 AM Happy Yoga with Sarah Starr
Red Rock Panoramic
Elinor Wonders Why
To Bee Or Not to Bee/Turtle Crossing
8:45 AM
9:00 AM Global Footprints on the Environment (Kuen)
Natural Playgrounds & Urban Wilderness
Each Kindness
9:15 AM Too Many Toys
9:30 AM Global Footprints on the Environment (Kuen)
Going Green Room By Room; An Eco Friendly Life
Bink and Gollie
9:45 AM Crazy Hair Day
10:00 AM The Biology Classics

Dinosaur Train
King and Crystal Play Red Rock/Nick of Time
10:15 AM
10:30 AM The Domains of Life 101
Life's Three Great Branches: Archaea, Bacteria, and Eucarya
Clifford The Big Red Dog
Things That Go Bump/Sherlock Bones
10:45 AM
11:00 AM Camp TV
Inside Out Day
Sesame Street
The Great Sesame Street Cake Off
11:15 AM
11:30 AM Pinkalicious & Peterrific
Sidewalk Art/Gnome at Home
11:45 AM
12:00 PM Let's Learn
Can You Hear The Short A In Animal?
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
It's Love Day!/Daniel's Love Day Surprise
12:15 PM
12:30 PM Let's Go Luna!
Blanket Decision/Yo, Ho, Heave.... Whoa!
12:45 PM
1:00 PM It's Camp!

Nature Cat
Onward and Songward/Why Did the Turtle Cross the Road?
1:15 PM
1:30 PM Osiris Rex: Countdown to Launch

Wild Kratts
Aardvark Town
1:45 PM
2:00 PM Creative Living

Molly of Denali
Hot Springs Eternal/Tooeys Hero
2:15 PM
2:30 PM Growing A Greener World
Learning to Prune Like a Pro, In Your Own Home Landscape
Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum
I Am Harriet Tubman
2:45 PM
3:00 PM Real Life 101: Real Jobs, Great Career Choices
Artist - CFO, COO and Deputy Director - School Resource Officer
Odd Squad
Odd Off The Press
3:15 PM
3:30 PM Teen Kids News

Arthur Makes Waves/It Came from Beyond
3:45 PM
4:00 PM Quilting Arts
Useful Items
Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That!
The Song Flower Solution/The Hard Weigh
4:15 PM
4:30 PM Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting
Summer Saturday
Peg + Cat
The Hotel Problem/Another Hotel Problem
4:45 PM
5:00 PM Knit and Crochet Now
Oversized Tees
Pursuit of the Prism of Power
5:15 PM
5:30 PM It's Sew Easy
Night Time Glamour
BBC World News America
5:45 PM
6:00 PM Roadtrip Nation: Room to Grow
Keep Your Mind Open
PBS NewsHour
6:15 PM
6:30 PM Start Up
The Kitchen By Cooking with Que
6:45 PM
7:00 PM DW News

This Is Utah
A Leg Up
7:15 PM
7:30 PM Asia Insight

Outdoor Idaho
Yellowstone's Cascade Corner
7:45 PM
8:00 PM Roadtrip Nation: One Step Closer

Midsomer Murders
The Christmas Haunting. Part 1
8:15 PM
8:30 PM
8:45 PM
9:00 PM Nhk Documentary
Voices of the Children
Midsomer Murders
The Christmas Haunting, Part 2
9:15 PM
9:30 PM W1A
Series 3, Episode 3
9:45 PM Breakthrough
The Trauma Tracer
10:00 PM Laura Flanders Show
Meet the Feminists Taking Back Philanthropy During Covid
May to December (Kued)
May to December
10:15 PM
10:30 PM Roadtrip Nation
It Doesn't End Here
Rick Steves' Europe
Provence: Legendary Light, Wind and Wine
10:45 PM
11:00 PM DW Global 3000

The Miniaturist On Masterpiece
11:15 PM
11:30 PM History of Hispanic Achievement In America
Spain Comes to the New World
11:45 PM