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The Electric Company

Next Airing: Sun, Aug 24th, 2014 at 10:30 AM on KUED-HD

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Like the original "The Electric Company," the new "The Electric Company" draws from pop culture --- music, comedy, technology and celebrities --- to create a playful, hip, multi-media experience. The series includes many modular elements -- sketches, animations and songs -- that will serve a scaffolded phonics curriculum that extends beyond decoding and connected text to reflect new insights into how best to help struggling readers.


  • Friends Or Aunts

    Annie Scrambler and her aunt go head-to-head with Lisa and Hector on a semi-popular game show.

    Next Airing: Sun, Aug 24th, 2014 at 10:30 AM on KUED-HD
    Length: 00:28:46
    Usage rights: 9/16/2013 to 9/15/2014
  • Madame President

    Lisa and Francine face off in the election for Book Club President. Can Lisa's campaign message win out over Francine's dirty politics?

    Length: 00:28:46
    Usage rights: 10/4/2013 to 10/3/2014
  • Off Target

    A neighborhood kid, Marcus Barnes, has just found out he has the wordball power...well, kind of. The Electric Company tries to help Marcus improve his wordball throwing skills so he can join them. Meanwhile, Francine and Gilda, a new resident in Francine's building and Prankster-in-training, ask Manny to build a machine that can help them prevent Marcus from becoming the newest member of The Electric Company.

    Length: 00:28:46
    Usage rights: 9/2/2013 to 9/1/2014
  • Pies for Puppies

    It's the Pies for Puppies charity bake sale, and Jessica, Danny Rebus and others are competing to sell the most pies and become the "puppy hero." But someone has taken all of Jessica's pies! The Electric Company discovers that Danny Rebus is trying to cheat his way to victory, and it is up to them to put a stop to it.

    Length: 00:28:45
    Usage rights: 9/4/2013 to 9/3/2014
  • Revenge of the Zeros

    Upset about their score of zero points in the banana sculpture contest, Danny and Annie decide to ruin Paul the Gorilla's banana festival party that is being held at The Electric Diner. The Electric Company catches on, and does everything they can to stop the pranksters and save the party and preserve Paul's sanity.

    Length: 00:28:46
    Usage rights: 9/5/2013 to 9/4/2014
  • The Limerick Slam

    Jessica and Manny compete in the annual Limerick Slam.

    Length: 00:28:46
    Usage rights: 9/13/2013 to 9/12/2014
  • Wordball Games

    Right before the yearly Wordball Games, the neighborhood Olympics, Hector sprains his ankle. With Hector unable to compete, The Electric Company does not have enough players to participate against the four Pranksters! But when Manny also gets hurt, the numbers are even once again. Now the question is, can Marcus handle Hector's event the Word Obstacle course?

    Length: 00:28:46
    Usage rights: 9/3/2013 to 9/2/2014