Program Availability

Utah teachers and students have access to educational media from a variety of sources - just one more indication that media is a valuable source for engaged learning. Availability varies by series and program, but the four main sources listed below are the best ways to access educational content. For more assistance, check with your school, district, or regional media center specialists, or contact us.

  • UEN-TV broadcast | record

    Current UEN-TV programs may be recorded for educational use. For exact broadcast dates and times of school day programs as well as evening and weekend programs please visit one of the following links:

  • PBS Utah broadcast | record | purchase

    Recent PBS Utah programs can be purchased on VHS or DVD at a discount to Utah educators. To order call (801) 581-3064. Current PBS programs airing on PBS Utah may be recorded for educational use.

  • EMEDIA digital on demand

    eMedia programs can be viewed online or downloaded by logging in to the eMedia website.