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Quality Content for your Classroom

The Utah Multimedia Resource Guide helps you find the perfect instructional video for your classroom. Search for available videos by subject area, grade level, length, keywords, availability or air date.

Please explore the site and let us know what you think and how we can improve it.

About UIMC

The purpose of the Utah Instructional Media Consortium (UIMC) is to support the educational needs of Utah educators and learners. UIMC acts as a recommending body to the Utah Education Network (UEN) for previewing, selecting and purchasing instructional media. When programs are selected for purchasing they are distributed through UEN-TV and UEN’s eMedia.

Any Utah educator from any district is welcome to participate in UIMC. We want educators from all Utah districts and subject areas to have a voice in the type of media that UEN licenses for broadcast and streaming. To find out how you can be part of UIMC, please contact the Utah Education Network.

Consortium Information: