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History of Women's Achievement In America

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The unique and independent American woman: adventurer... pioneer... poet... mother... educator... artist... freedom fighter. A History of Women's Achievement in America examines the 400-year history of American women's inspiring accomplishments and victories. Without the American woman's pioneering fortitude, the early colonies at Jamestown and Plymouth Plantation, would not have survived. From then on, millions of American pioneer women would push the frontier ever forward. Destined to play an essential role in the shaping of the United States; American women forged an identity unlike any other in the world. That identity found a voice as they created great literature and science. American women led the fight to end slavery, limit corporate power, provide education for all . . . and to protect the poor, the disenfranchised, the immigrants and the insane. At the same time, these unique American women would have to fight tirelessly for their own equality in politics, education and the workplace... even the right to vote.


  • American Women Find Their Voice

    1959- Lorraine Hansberry's Play A Raisin in the Sun is Produced. 1963- Betty Friedan Launches the New Women's Movement. 1967- Lynn Margulis Explains the Origin of Complex Biological Life. 1969- Joan Ganz Cooney Launches Sesame Street. 1973- Roe v. Wade Strikes Down Anti-Abortion Laws. 1978- Hispanic Golfer Nancy Lopez Wins Her First LPGA Championship. 1981- Women in the Legal System and Sandra Day O'Connor.

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  • A New Age of Equality

    1985- Wilma Mankiller Becomes Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation. 1986- Oprah Winfrey Initiates a New Era for Women in Television. 1989- Asian American Amy Tan Publishes The Joy Luck Club. 1997- Madeleine Albright Begins a New Era for Women in American Leadership. 1998- Pleasant Rowland Sells the American Girl Company. 2001- Linda Alvarado Wins the Horatio Alger Award.

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  • America Becomes A Super Power

    1936- Eleanor Roosevelt Transforms the Role of First Lady. 1942- "Rosie the Riveter" Joins the War Effort. 1950- Babe Didrikson Named Woman Athlete of the Half Century. 1950- Gwendolyn Brooks Wins the Pulitzer Prize. 1950- Margaret Chase Smith Stands Up to Joseph McCarthy with Declaration of Conscience Speech. 1955- Rosa Parks Refuses to Give Up Her Seat on a Montgomery Bus to a White Passenger. 1956- Tennis - Pro Althea Gibson Becomes the First African American Woman to Win Grand Slam Tourney.

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  • America Enters The World of Nations

    1889- Jane Addams Founds Hull House in Chicago. 1889- Nellie Bly Goes Around the World in 72 Days. 1891- Mary Cassatt's First Solo Art Show in Paris. 1893- Ida B. Wells-Barnett Crusades Against Black Lynching in America. 1904- Gertrude Pridgett (Ma Rainey) Introduces the Blues. 1905- Isadora Duncan Opens First School of Modern Dance. 1912- Juliette Gordon Low Founds the Girl Scouts of America.

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  • Era of Women's First

    1836- Hispanic-American Juana Briones Establishes San Francisco. 1837- Mary Lyon Founds Mount Holyoke, the First Women's College. 1846- Susan Magoffin Travels the Santa Fe Trail. 1847- Maria Mitchell is the First Scientist to Discover a Comet Using a Telescope. 1849- Amelia Bloomer Publishes The Lily, the First National Magazine for Women. 1851- Sojourner Truth Addresses a Women's Rights Convention in Ohio.

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  • Making of a New World

    1621- Women Help Found the English Colonies. 1650- Anne Hutchinson and Anne Bradstreet Use Newfound American Independence to Express Themselves. 1773- Phillis Wheatley Becomes America's First Black Woman Poet. 1776- Abigail Adams and the Female Patriots. 1805- Sacagawea, Interpreter and Guide, Aids Lewis and Clark Expedition.

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  • Women Begin to Transform Themselves

    1916- Jeannette Rankin Becomes First Woman Elected to Congress. 1920 - Edith Wharton Wins a Pulitzer Prize for The Age of Innocence. 1920- Women Gain the Right to Vote. 1928- Margaret Mead Publishes Coming of Age in Samoa. 1929- Georgia O'Keeffe Visits New Mexico for the First Time. 1932- Amelia Earhart Flies the Atlantic Ocean Solo. 1935- Mary McLeod Bethune Founds the National Council of Negro Women.

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  • Women Speak Out

    1852- Harriet Beecher Stowe Writes Uncle Tom's Cabin. 1852- Emily Dickinson Publishes First Poem. 1856- Harriet Tubman Becomes the Most Notorious Underground Railroad Conductor. 1868- Louisa May Alcott Writes Little Women. 1872- Susan B. Anthony is Arrested for Voting. 1881- Clara Barton Founds the American Red Cross. 1885- Annie Oakley, Calamity Jane, Belle Starr and the Women of the Wild, Wild West.

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