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Next Airing: Tue, Nov 19th, 2019 at 3:00 AM on UEN-TV

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THIS IS AMERICA is entirely devoted to international content with personal conversations, roundtable discussions, and on-location mini documentaries with world leaders, newsmakers, and extraordinary individuals in the United States and around the world.


  • Trade In Africa

    On this program, Dennis Wholey speaks with H.E. Albert Muchanga who currently serves as Commissioner for Trade and Industry of the African Union Commission. The conversation explores a variety of topics and examines the goals of the upcoming African Continental Free Trade Area which is a revolutionary effort involving the cooperation of African nations designed to dramatically increase trade within Africa. Commissioner Muchanga previously served as Zambia's Ambassador to Ethiopia.

    Next Airing: Tue, Nov 19th, 2019 at 3:00 AM on UEN-TV
    Length: 00:29:00
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  • Amb. Arikana Chihombori-Quao (African Union)

    This week Dennis Wholey speaks with Ambassador Arikana Chihombori-Quao, who currently serves as the Permanent Representative of the African Union Representational Mission to the United States of America. Their conversation explores the history, function and goals of the African Union and examines the issues that are of the utmost importance to the continent today. Additionally, the Ambassador offers her thoughts on her role here in Washington and the goals she has set for herself while serving as Ambassador.

    Next Airing: Wed, Nov 20th, 2019 at 10:00 PM on UEN-TV
    Length: 00:29:00
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  • DCM, Mohammed Al-Hadhrami (Embassy of the Republic of Yemen)

    This week Dennis Wholey visits the embassy of the Republic of Yemen in Washington, DC to learn about the country from the Deputy Chief of Mission, Mohammed Al-Hadhrami. The conversation serves as an excellent introduction to the Middle Eastern nation and explores the unique role Yemen plays in the Arab world. Mr. Al-Hadhrami also discusses his country's complex recent history and current civil war as well as how it relates to Saudi Arabia, Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman and discussions of peace on behalf of the United States. Additionally, the dialogue examines Yemen's relationship with the United States and how the country can move beyond its current struggles.

    Next Airing: Wed, Nov 27th, 2019 at 10:00 PM on UEN-TV
    Length: 00:29:00
    Usage rights: 11/21/2019 to 11/20/2022
  • Africa on the Horizon

    On this program, Dennis Wholey visits the African Union Mission in Washington D.C. During the visit, Dennis has one-one-one conversations with three senior diplomats representing the nations of Cote d'Ivoire, Guinea and South Africa to discuss the progress being made across the continent and what challenges are currently being faced. Each guest represents a different country but they all share the same sentiment that the world needs to keep an eye on Africa because exciting things are happening. Guests include the Republic of Cote d'Ivoire's Ambassador, H.E. Mamadou Haidara; the Republic of Guinea's Ambassador, H.E. Kerfalla Yansane and Charge d'Affaires at the Embassy of the Republic of South Africa, Yoliswa Mvebe.

    Length: 00:29:00
    Usage rights: 10/31/2019 to 10/30/2022
  • Estonia Today - Digital Society

    On this program Dennis Wholey is on-location in the Republic of Estonia to learn about the highly sophisticated and tech oriented way in which the country conducts business within its own borders and around the world. Interviews focus on unique tech companies that impact many global citizens, transform the daily lives of Estonians and work to re-imagine the ways human beings will live in the future. Guests include Former Prime Minister, Taavi Roivas; leading representatives from Cleveron, Testlio and E-Estonia; as well as the head of Estonia's Talinn University of Technology, which has recently been renamed TalTech.

    Length: 00:26:46
    Usage rights: 10/10/2019 to 10/9/2022
  • Estonia Today - Estonian Culture

    On this last installment of programs devoted to the Republic of Estonia, Dennis Wholey speaks with renowned composer, Kristjan Jarvi. Their dialogue is as much about Estonian philosophy as it is about Estonian culture and history but manages to offer a rare window into the heart of Estonia and what it means to be an Estonian. Mr. Jarvi talks through all aspects of society in this special interview and not only offers information about the country but manages to celebrate his love of Estonia and share his sense of wonder and pride for the country he calls home.

    Length: 00:29:00
    Usage rights: 10/24/2019 to 10/23/2022
  • Estonia Today - Life In Estonia

    On this program Dennis speaks to a variety of guests in the Estonian capital of Tallinn about the experience of visiting and living in this unique country. After a visit to the historic Old Town district of Tallinn, Dennis visits with Justin Petrone an American writer who chose to move his entire life to Estonia, speaks with Marju Rink-Abel representing the Estonian American National Council and visits with Tonis Siigur one of Estonia's leading chefs to get a sense of Estonian fine dining.

    Length: 00:29:00
    Usage rights: 10/17/2019 to 10/16/2022
  • Estonia Today - President, Kersti Kaljulaid

    This week, Dennis Wholey begins a series of four programs devoted to the Republic of Estonia. The first program features a visit to the Kadriorg Palace in the capital city of Tallinn for an exclusive one-on-one interview with Estonian President, Kersti Kaljulaid. Their conversation explores all facets of Estonian life and covers the country's deep history, independence from the Soviet Union and current efforts to become one of the most advanced modern nations on earth.

    Length: 00:26:46
    Usage rights: 10/3/2019 to 10/2/2022
  • Haiti Today - History & Culture

    While on location in the Republic of Haiti, THIS IS AMERICA & THE WORLD explores the country's wonderfully vibrant and rich culture. Dennis hears about the exciting and evolving art scene in Haiti and the crucial role Voodoo plays in the culture of Haiti. Dennis also travels to northern Haiti to see a variety of stunning tourism locations available to visitors and gets a personal history lesson about Haiti when he visits the historic sites of the Sans-Souci Palace and the massive Citadelle Laferriere. These dramatic locations tell the powerful story of Haiti's independence and reveal that Haiti is far more than negative news stories but a country of immense depth and rare beauty.

    Length: 00:26:46
    Usage rights: 9/27/2018 to 9/26/2019
  • Robert Kagan (The Jungle Grows Back)

    This week Dennis Wholey speaks with renowned author and senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, Robert Kagan. The conversation is an exploration of Mr. Kagan's new book, The Jungle Grows Back: America and Our Imperiled World, in which he confronts America's role as an engaged global leader while struggling with historically familiar tides of nationalism and hostility. Additionally the interview covers Mr. Kagan's assessment of the current climate of American politics and what history can teach us about the country's future and that of the world.

    Length: 00:29:00
    Usage rights: 9/26/2019 to 9/25/2022