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This Is Only A Test


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A four-part series exploring the wonderful world of preparing for test! Please proceed with laughter... you just might learn something!


  • Language Arts

    Flash is jealous of Kenny! To make him feel better, Kenny gives Flash his own talk show. The show concentrates on language arts skills. Short videos in this episode include: Cinnamon Synonym, Antonyms, An Ode to Homonyms, Sequence, Inference, Compare and Contrast.

    Length: 00:24:36
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  • Stress Management Skills

    Kenny is stressed about having to take the FCAT (Funny Clown Achievement Test). So Flash and Page help him relax and study his unicycling, stilt-walking, and pratfalls, while reviewing some video sholrts from the THIS IS ONLY A TEST series. Short videos on this episode include Procrastination, Test-Taking with Flash, Goals, Relax Flash, Persistence, Pie Graphs, be Positive Flash, An Ode to Test-Taking and Use Your Head.

    Length: 00:23:42
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  • Test-Taking

    In order to prepare for his BIG TEST, Flash joins a study group that likes playing football and loud music, so Flash just can't concentrate. Page and Kenny review some video shorts from the THIS IS ONLY A TEST series that helps the group with studying and gives them some great test taking tips. Short videos in this episode include: Study Tips, Flash Cards, Movie in my Mind, Use the Right Book, Postcards, Conclusion, Following Directions, and Bubble Boy.

    Length: 00:26:04
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  • Writing Skills

    Miss Humdinger, Flash's teacher is giving the Practice RAT today. (That's Rodent Achievement Test.) But Flash isn't quite ready for the writing portion, so Kenny and Page review some video shorts from the THIS IS ONLY A TEST series to help him. Short Videos in this episode include: Kenny Summarizes, the Boy and the Butter, The Tidy King, Painting with Words, The Write Brothers, Synonyms with Page, and Writing Tips.

    Length: 00:23:52
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