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Art Connection

Next Airing: Sat, Apr 13th, 2024 at 5:30 PM on UEN-TV

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This weekly series highlights four artists and their craft. Travel around the world, meeting fascinating people and the love of art that connects them all.


  • Past and Future

    We take a trip to New Mexico to meet Harry Bicket, the music director of the Santa Fe Opera. He shares his love of music and speaks about the future of opera. We head to the Wexner Center for the Arts in Columbus, Ohio, to visit a solo exhibition by the artist Sa’dia Rehman. Through drawings, sculptures, video, and more, the artist explores the history of their family and the embodiment of memory. Artist Jeff Williams is the owner of the sign company “Sun Signs.” Founded in 2015, Williams works with local and independent businesses in the greater tampa bay area to create eye-catching hand painted signs.

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  • Foundations

    Sojourner Truth was an advocate for abolition and women’s rights, and her legacy is being honored in Akron, Ohio with a statue designed by artist Woodrow Nash. We visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan to find out more about “New York Art Worlds, 1870-1890.” With some 50 works on display, the exhibit explores what it was like to be an artist in New York City during this period. We head to Nevada to hear about Reno painted rocks. This facebook group encourages people to spread kindness by painting rocks. Combining a 19th century photographic process with a 1970s toy camera, artist Carol Munder is able to create her own world with her images.

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  • Decades

    For decades, “The Simpsons” has been delighting viewers around the world. In celebration of the animated series, the Trout Museum of Art in Appleton, Wisconsin, exhibited memorable artwork from the show. Combining Reggae, Hip-Hop, and R&B, artist Greg Gutty has created a sound that is very much his own. With his music, he hopes to uplift and inspire. We head to Dayton, Ohio, to learn about the city’s strong connection to aviation history. As a way to honor this heritage, a series of striking murals were commissioned for the public to appreciate.

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  • Inside The Mind

    Across the state of Ohio one will find the fascinating remains of medieval texts. Desiring to explore this complex history, The Ohio State University’s rare books and manuscripts library exhibited over one hundred manuscript items. We travel to the American Folk Art Museum in New York City to learn about Lonnie Holley, a contemporary artist based in Atlanta. As part of the exhibit “Material Witness, some of Holley’s work was on display and his creative collaboration with materials examined. We take a trip to Sarasota, Florida, to get a behind-the-scenes look at “Clowns Like Me,” a one-man show that examines what it’s like living with mental illness.

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  • Second Life

    We visit the first Art Basel event hosted by Opa-locka, Florida. Featuring contemporary art from Africa and the African Diaspora, the event gave artists a space to share their stories. As part of their permanent collection, the American Folk Art Museum in New York city holds an assortment of marble objects. For the exhibit “Material Witness,” several were highlighted. Canton, Ohio’s “Bluecoats” is a world class drum and bugle corps. Each season, over a hundred young adults are selected for an educational training program and an unforgettable cross-country tour. Artist Kyle Karrasch gives trash a second life by transforming it into art. In doing so, he provides commentary on consumption and environmental conservation.

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  • Rediscover

    Artist Titus Kaphar examines history and representation. In his work, he closes the distance between past and present, revealing history’ s impact on the contemporary world. For over twenty-five years, the Carson City Ghost Walk has been entertaining the public. Led by artist Mary Bennett, the historical tales and paranormal stories of Carson City, Nevada, are told through live theatre. Eco-feminist artist Mira Lehr renders abstract artworks that reflect on nature and our environment. Through mediums such as painting and sculpture, she conveys her message. When viewing Joan Snyder’s painting “Smashed Strokes Hope,” one notices the colorful brushwork. We go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York to look back at the exhibit “ Epic Abstraction,” which featured this work.

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  • Brave

    In Utah, ten local poets came together for “Salt Lake Speaks,” a slam poetry exhibition that celebrated the artistry of spoken word. Since 2001, historian and author Brad Bertelli has been studying the Florida Keys. ever in pursuit of knowledge, he has published eight books about the sunshine state. Silo Arts Studio provides a welcoming space for adults with disabilities to get creative. We head to Canton, Ohio, to learn more about the important work done at this artist collective.

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  • Celebrating Creativity

    Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, artist Terrance Osborne loves to paint his city. His compelling canvases are full of expression and vivacity. We meet the artist in his hometown. The Replay Amusement Museum gives visitors opportunities to play arcade games and pinball machines. We find out more about the art and technology behind these amusements. Artist Louise Nevelson’s sculpture “Mrs. N’s Palace” is made up of over one hundred objects. We visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York to look back at the exhibit “Epic Abstraction,” which featured this work. We are introduced to Moderngram, a group of artists who combine dance and film to generate something new and inspirational. We take a trip to Reno, Nevada, for the story.

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  • Connected

    Musician Jim McCutcheon is known as “The Guitar Man.” He doesn't just play music, though. He also teaches it to students…and his lifetime dedication to music education was honored with the governor s award for the arts in Ohio. Taking place at the Bailey Contemporary Arts Center in Pompano Beach, Florida, the annual Artists in Residence Program gives artists the space to create, collaborate, and engage with the community. For 35 years, Mcavoy Layne has played the role of Mark Twain. Based in Incline Village, Nevada, the artist has brought the writings and musings of the famed author to audiences across the state and around the world.

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  • Past Influence

    Griffith Davis was a pioneering photographer. Serving as both a journalist and senior U.S. Foreign Service Officer, he recorded history and captured important moments at home and abroad. We travel to Groveport, Ohio, to meet artists Sandra Lang and Walter Weil. Having met in art school, this talented pair creates unique pottery that is made by hand. The Avery Fisher Career Grant Awards give assistance and recognition to emerging instrumentalists full of great potential. In 2023, one of the recipients was Emi Ferguson, a flutist whose repertoire spans centuries.

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  • Recognition

    For the Holidays, the Reno Philharmonic put on their annual concert called "Spirit of the Season." Audiences in Nevada enjoyed singing, dancing, and so much more. Earl James designs and makes blown glass objects in his Cleveland, Ohio studio since 1990, and for the past few years, he’s created glass sculptures for the recipients of the Anisfield-Wolf Book Awards.The Avery Fisher Career Grant awards give assistance and recognition to emerging instrumentalists full of great potential. In 2023, one of the recipients was Bokyung Byun, a guitarist who interprets music in a way that is very much her own.

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  • Texture

    Doncee Coulter is a fabric artist. With his x-acto knife, he works with leathers, suedes, and denims to render textured artworks. We head to Ohio to meet the artist. We take a trip to Massachusetts to visit an exhibit focused on New England’s connection with transcendentalism and alternative thought. The exhibit explores the movement’s history while also featuring work by contemporary artists. David Felberg is a violinist. Based in New Mexico, he is able to connect with audiences across the state with his instrument. We listen in on one of his performances. At the Boca Raton Museum of Art in Florida, the exhibit “Glasstrees” presents works of glass from

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