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Art Connection

Next Airing: Sat, Sep 18th, 2021 at 5:30 PM on UEN-TV

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This weekly series highlights four artists and their craft. Travel around the world, meeting fascinating people and the love of art that connects them all.


  • Creative Healing

    We head to Michigan to learn about Artist Mario Moore’s exhibit, “ Recovery”. In his paintings and silverpoint drawings, he reflects on how African American men rest in our society. Confronted by the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Sierra Arts Foundation in Northern Nevada has worked to keep galleries open and to allow artists and community members to safely interact. Zero Empty Spaces is a management company that transforms vacant spaces into affordable studios for artists to work and grow. We take a trip to South Florida to meet the founders and hear how this project developed. We are introduced to two art installations in Boston, Massachusetts. Called “The Heard” and “ To each era, its art, to art, its freedom,” we learn about their role in the public space.

    Next Airing: Sat, Sep 18th, 2021 at 5:30 PM on UEN-TV
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  • Learn and Grow

    In Reno, Nevada, artist Joe C. Rock creates art for public spaces. His large, energetic murals liven buildings and streets, and are available to everyone. Boston Arts Academy is a public high school focused on the visual and performing arts. The school provides its student body with a place to learn and grow as artists and individuals. We meet Louisiana artist Heather Ryan Kelley who finds inspiration in symbolic paintings and the writings of James Joyce. In her art, she features objects that are full of meaning. The exhibition “Teresita Fernández: Elemental” gives viewers the opportunity to encounter landscapes of the natural world. We travel to the Pérez Art Museum Miami to get a look.

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  • Expression

    Drag is an art and, in this segment, we meet drag performer Rianna Petrone. Based in West Palm Beach, Florida. Petrone sits down for drag queen story hour for youth in the community. Since 1980, DDC Dances has been presenting works of contemporary dance in Michigan. As a dance company, they choreograph expressive performances for audiences to enjoy. Multimedia artist Nicole Ashton creates unique public art. With her large-scale sculptures, she encourages interaction and participation. We take a trip to Reno, Nevada for the story. Artist John Waters is unlike any other. In his art, he tells a story in a provocative, subversive way. We visit the Wexner Center for the Arts in Columbus, Ohio, to see an exhibition of his visual work.

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  • Shared Moment

    Jackson Pollock’s drip painting “Autumn Rhythm” is one of the artist’s most well-known works. We head to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York to look back at the exhibit “Epic Abstraction,” which featured this work. In the face of struggle and adversity, Ohio-based artist Arabella Proffer still manages to create. From pop-surrealist portraits to biomorphic shapes, her contemporary art takes on many different forms. We travel to Utah to view the collaborative installation “Ummah" that teaches visitors about the Islamic faith and celebrates the Muslim community. We hear from artist Lisa Martin Smallwood, a.k.a Liasi. Based in Tampa Bay, Florida, Smallwood paints iconic jazz singers and musicians in an impressionistic style.

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  • Dynamic

    In this segment, we head to Reno, Nevada, to meet artist Cooper Bayt. Combining fire spinning, juggling, and dance, he creates dynamic performances that leave the viewer amazed. The Museum of Graffiti in Florida, presents the graffiti art movement to the public. From the early days to the present day, the museum highlights graffiti’s evolution and impact. Nick Davis is a digital artist who renders computer generated works of art that celebrate African American culture. We take a trip to Florida, to meet the artist and find out more. The exhibit “Art of Native America: the Charles and Valerie Diker Collection” showcases a wide range of Native American works from over fifty North American cultures. We travel to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City for the story.

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  • Innovation

    New York Florist Lewis Miller colors the city streets with thrilling pop-up floral arrangements. Started in 2016, these “flower flashes exude joy, beauty, and spontaneity. We visit Williamsburg, Virginia, to meet culinary historian and author Michael Twitty. In his work, he explores African American foodways and the role that food has played throughout history and across cultures. High Desert Harmony Chorus embraces the art of a cappella. Undaunted by the pandemic, this group of singers has found ways to continue to use their voices to make something magical. Interactive Initiative is a non-profit organization that gives artists the chance to create interactive artwork in the digital space. We hear about their new phone application “Tropi” that highlights local artists.

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  • Memoirs

    Jorge Pérez is an art collector. At a young age, he started his collection and has been building it ever since. We head to his contemporary art space “El Espacio 23” in Florida to find out more. We travel to New Mexico to hear from Lois Rudnick, the preeminent scholar on Mabel Dodge Luhan. Luhan was a writer of memoirs. In her work, she gave an intimate look at her life and her battle with depression. Even though the Covid-19 pandemic forced the Fitchburg Art Museum in Massachusetts to temporarily shut its doors, staff and volunteers still found ways to give back to the community. We meet Trey Valentine, a window cartoonist in Reno, Nevada. For various businesses, he creates painted window displays full of color and imagination.

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  • Remembrance

    Robert Frank was a documentary photographer who captured 1950’s America with his camera lens. Entitled “The Americans,” his pivotal photo-book contained eighty-three photos that showed what society was like at that time. We take a trip to Reno, Nevada, to find out more about Reno Public Market. In addition to retail shops and a food hall, the market will host an art collective and have space for artists to create and show their work to the community. Abstract artist Glenyse Thompson depicts conversation through colors and lines. In her symbolic paintings and drawings, she expresses the wonders of human interaction. Near the Utah state capitol, there is a monument that pays tribute to the courageous women who fought for equal voting rights. In its design, the sculpture conveys the fight for suffrage.

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  • Representation

    At one time, over one hundred rubber manufacturers operated in Akron, Ohio. Now as a way to honor the thousands of workers who were employed in the industry, a commemorative statue is being sculpted. Artistic Whisk is a bakery that makes edible works of art. Located in St. Petersburg, Florida, the shop’s cake artists render colorful and creative cakes for a variety of occasions. We visit Reno, Nevada, to meet painter Kelsey Rolling. In her visual work, she focuses on representation and reinterpretation, and explores art history and pop culture. We head to the Norton Museum of Art in Florida to visit the exhibit “Who? A Brief History of Photography Through Portraiture.” Curator Tim B. Wride tells us about the portraits that make up the show.

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  • Together

    TRIIIBE is a collective of artists dedicated to art and activism. Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, this talented group brings together members of the community through music and events. For veteran James Eby, art is a way to heal trauma and suffering. We sit in on a mask making workshop and learn more about the therapeutic benefits of creativity. We take a trip to Florida to experience an interactive puppet installation. Artists Aurora Molina and Julian Pardo collaborated on this special project that reflects on the elderly in our society. As a plein air artist, Monikaa Piper Johnson chooses to work outside. With her palette knife and paint, the Lake Tahoe, Nevada, region becomes her source of inspiration for vivid landscapes.

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  • Vibrant

    We meet the team behind the martial arts program, Midtown Miracles. Through this ancient art form, students are able to gain confidence and express themselves. Based in Truckee, California, Three Peak Designs is a company that restores vintage ski lift chairs into works of art. Designed for homes, offices, and more, these custom chairs are full of history and appeal. “Hatched: Breaking Through the Silence” was a four-week multi-sensory experience that illuminated the night sky in Massachusetts. We meet the creative team behind the show. Nicole Jarecz is a fashion illustrator based in Detroit, Michigan. In her skilled drawings, she reveals the vibrancy, beauty, and spirit of fashion design.

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