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Art Connection

Next Airing: Tue, Feb 7th, 2023 at 10:30 PM on UEN-TV

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This weekly series highlights four artists and their craft. Travel around the world, meeting fascinating people and the love of art that connects them all.


  • Mastering The Craft

    Corky Bennett, aka “The King of Reno” is a Nevada-based musician and entertainer who loves to play the accordion. With his instrument, he has traveled across the country, delighting audiences for decades. We take a trip to the Bass Museum of Art in Florida to visit the immersive exhibit “Better Nights.” Created by the artist Mickalene Thomas, viewers are able to walk into and experience an interactive three-dimensional work of art. We meet Jim “Dauber” Farr, a hall-of-fame master Pinstriper. For over 40 years, he has been working on his craft, transforming cars into one-of-a-kind customized creations. In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, artist Lisa Difranza has been creating sketches as a way to process what is going on in the world. We visit the artist in to find out more about this project.

    Next Airing: Tue, Feb 7th, 2023 at 10:30 PM on UEN-TV
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  • Self

    Based in Sarasota, Florida, Jesse Clark is a fine art photographer who examines black identity through a contemporary lens. We meet the artist and hear more about the vibrant images he creates in a thoughtful series he develops. We get a behind the scenes look at the “Dark Corner Haunt” in Reno, Nevada. Last Halloween, this immersive haunted house spooked visitors with live actors, special effects, and much more. Having lived in different countries, artist Beth Himsworth brings a love of culture and nature to her glass mosaics. Full of color, texture, and movement, her translucent works stand out and are very unique.

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  • Connecting Communities

    We visit the renovated northwest coast hall at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. The restored gallery space features an array of treasures that highlight the living cultures of the pacific northwest. Born in India, Padma Chebrolu shares the dances of her home country with students and audiences in Ohio. As the president and artistic director of Cultural Centre of India in Cincinnati, she offers dance classes, workshops, and performances for people to enjoy. We head to Miami, Oklahoma, to experience “Mural Fest Sixty-Six.” Since 2017, this mural festival has given artists the opportunity to express themselves in a big way…and it has reinvigorated a small town in the process.

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  • Colorful

    We meet writer and rapper Chael Blinya. Based in Tampa, Florida, the artist plays with language and writes poetic lyrics that explore self-identity and perception. New Mexico artist Raymond Jonson spent his life painting modernist works. We learn more about the colorful pieces he created and his focus on the human spirit. Artist and educator Robert Schefman uses illusion to render an image. We travel to Michigan to visit the artist in his studio and find out more about his series of paintings and drawings that delve into the world of secrets. Faced with the Covid-19 pandemic, the “Classical Tahoe” music festival adapted their program and found a way to carry on. We visit Nevada to hear from the musicians that safely reunited to perform chamber music for this concert event.

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  • Balance

    Yetunde Rodriguez is a textile artist in Dayton, Ohio. Born in Nigeria, she encountered colorful, patterned fabrics that brought her much joy and happiness. Today, her Nigerian heritage plays a key role in her creative process, serving as a source of inspiration. Artist and teacher Joshua Chambers creates fine art acrylic paintings. with a minimalist approach to artmaking, he encourages viewers to bring their own experiences to his works and create their own stories based on what they see. Greg Rumph is not just an assistant principal in Sarasota, Florida. he is also an artist who expresses himself through his work. We learn more about how he balances being a school administrator with being an artist.

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  • Finding A Path

    Victoria Reyes started creating art at a very young age. With dual military parents away for long periods of time, art became an escape. Inspired by anime, she began to render digital works on her ipad… and today, she continues to do so, while also pursuing traditional art. Andrew Levitt, a.k.a “Nina West,” is an acclaimed drag performer from Ohio. He is also an activist, singer-songwriter, and actor who stars as Edna Turnblad in the national tour of “Hairspray. ” Gustavo Victor Goler carves images of saints out of wood. What started as a hobby in high school has become an award-winning career that spans decades.

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  • Creative Journey

    Artist Susan Handau’s canvases are of a minimalistic nature. With color and texture, she creates abstract shapes surrounded by neutral hues. We head to Reno, Nevada for the story. Through public arts programs, sculptor Craig Gray is able to share his work with many different states across the country. From orange slices to popsicles, his large-scale, sculptures are joyful and imaginative. We visit Cincinnati, Ohio, to meet Doctor Sarah Hellmann, the founder of art for all people. Created in 2010, this transformational program uses art to help individuals who are suffering. Aarushi Pratap is many things—a fashion designer, illustrator, and special Olympics athlete, to name a few. We visit Tampa, Florida, to find out more about her creative journey.

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  • For All

    Cal Morris is a violinist and cancer survivor. We head to Florida to meet the artist and learn how family and music gave him the strength he needed during his battle with cancer. The Nevada Department of Transportation’s Landscape and Aesthetics program strives to decorate the state’s highways with public art. Working with architects and designers, the team renders roadside sculptures. Multidisciplinary artist Sri Prabha’s artwork encompasses a variety of mediums such as video, sound, light, and painting. We travel to the Orlando Museum of Art in Florida to see one of his vivid installations. Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Thom McCain has performed concerts from his porch in Columbus, Ohio. With his autoharp in hand, he sings and plays music for all to hear.

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  • Healing Through Art

    Paola Gracey is both an artist and chemist and when she creates, she demonstrates the connections between art and science. Each of her paintings become an experiment. We take a trip to New Mexico to meet artist and educator Haley Greenfeather English. In her expressive portraits, drawings, and murals, she speaks about humanity and society, and explores the world we live in. Nevada-based artist Ben Rodgers is the creator of burned wood prints. With wood as his canvas, he uses fire, water, electricity, and ink to render something truly unique. Mariners Inn is a treatment center and shelter that recognizes art’s ability to foster connections and heal pain and suffering. Through art therapy, clients are given an outlet to express their feelings.

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  • Past to Present

    In New Mexico, professor Lois Rudnick and author Jonathan Richards sat down to try to determine which writer is more important, William Shakespeare or Mark Twain. We head to Ohio to meet Dinara Mirtalipova, a self-taught illustrator and designer from Uzbekistan. Passed down generation to generation, Uzbek and Russian folklore shape her work, with the stories from her youth being a source of inspiration. The American Kennel Club Museum of the Dog features a wide assortment of canine-related artwork. founded in 1982, the museum highlights the meaningful role dogs play in society, and the strong bond they share with human beings.

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  • Transforming Communities

    The organization “Curated Storefront” breathes new life into neglected urban spaces in downtown Akron, Ohio. Storefronts that have gone unused become multimedia art installations for the public to enjoy. With his camera, photographer and activist Kwame Brathwaite has chronicled black life and culture. We visit an exhibit in New York City that displays a selection of his work, including forty studio portraits and images taken of the artistic community in Harlem in the 1950s and 1960s. Oklahoma artist Matt Goad has been creating for years. His geometric approach to art is beloved across the state so much so that he was chosen to produce an original artwork for the Will Rogers world airport in Oklahoma City.

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  • Unique Design

    We head to Florida to meet costume designer Brian “Two Horns.” Inspired by the world of science fiction, he invents futuristic wearable art that is distinct and daring. The annual Griswold Challenge in Sparks, Nevada, encourages members of the community to come together and create dazzling holiday light displays for everyone to enjoy. We take a trip to Shreveport, Louisiana to meet fiber artist Sherry Tamburo. Using sustainable materials, she experiments and makes colorful eco-friendly accessories. Since 1825, the National Academy of Design has been promoting fine arts in America. We visit the society of The Four Arts in Florida to see an exhibit highlighting a key characteristic of the academy’s collection—the joint display of an artist’s portrait and their representative work.

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  • Women In Art

    Janice Darko founded the Black and Art Dental Student Association. As the first black female student at the University of Utah School of Dentistry, she wanted to promote oral health equity and provide ways for students to express their identity through art. We visit one of the gallery shows organized for the dental community. The Cincinnati Art Museum in Ohio partnered with community organizations to create the "Black Futures Series." As part of the series, choreographer Countess V. Winfrey developed a new dance work about the black experience. The American Association of University Women (AAUW) is the nation's leading voice promoting equity and education for women and girls. AAUW has continually worked hard for fair pay and recognition for women. In Utah, part of that effort is to provide a venue for women to display their art and be rewarded and honored for their artistic skills and hard work.

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