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Art Connection

Next Airing: Sun, Jul 14th, 2024 at 7:00 PM on UEN-TV

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This weekly series highlights four artists and their craft. Travel around the world, meeting fascinating people and the love of art that connects them all.


  • Dazzling

    We take a trip to New Mexico to hear about a family who worked at the locomotive repair shops in Albuquerque. Through photographs, their powerful story is told and a shared immigrant history is revealed. Artist Rebecca Louise Law’s installation “The Archive” is made up of thousands of flowers that seem to float in the air. Located at the Cleveland Public Library in Ohio, the dazzling exhibition was made possible through the efforts of the local community. We meet singer-songwriter Leah Sutter. Born and raised in the Florida keys, her home has played a big part in shaping who she is as a musician.

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  • Create and Imagine

    Ever since he was a child, artist Juan jose Hoyos Quiles has been painting. Based in Clearwater, Florida, he experiments with color, space, and line, to render striking abstract works. Josh Weinstein is the creator of Norfolk Tour Company. For over ten years, a series of spirited walking tours have been offered to the public, inviting people to experience the arts, culture, and history of Norfolk, Virginia. In Sparks, Nevada, emerging artist Braighlee captures femininity by painting abstract-realism portraits of some of the inspiring women in her life. In doing so, their voices are heard. Michael Powell, aka “Blakk Sun,” is many things. He is an actor, a musician, a poet, and he is also a spoken word artist. Through writing and performance, he moves people.

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  • Art and Healing

    In Wooster, Ohio, people can come together and heal through Art at Moca House. Made available through the National Alliance on Mental Illness, art classes become a means to which participants can find a road to recovery. Founded in 2007, the local ski company “Slant Skis” handcrafts eco-friendly skis that have a stand-out design. We take a trip to California to meet the company’s owner and get a behind-the-scenes look at their factory space in Lake Tahoe. Peter London is a dancer, choreographer, and the founder and artistic director of the Peter London Global Dance Company in Miami, Florida. We join the company as they rehearse for an upcoming performance and learn about London's powerful impact.

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  • Art and Belonging

    Harris Cohen is the inaugural community artist-in-residence of the Ohio State University’s Urban Arts Space. Being a professional artist since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, he has developed a distinct creative vision that captivates the eye. We travel to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to meet fashion designer Doug Wiggins. Using recycled materials, he creates wearable art that has gained him attention and admiration. We hear from the team behind “The Sarasota Experience,” a documentary that shares the story of Sarasota, Florida, and explores its exciting evolution through the years.

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  • Imagine

    With wood as her medium, Oklahoma-based artist Ebony Iman Dallas created the mural “Greenwood Imagine.” Based off a poem, the work imagines a world in which the 1921 Tulsa race massacre never happened. We meet the community of roller skaters in Tampa Bay, Florida. Each time they go around the rink, they dance to the music and show artistry in their movements. Since she was a teenager, artist Judy Holley has been practicing the art of quilt making. With skill and concentration, she renders colorful quilts rich with pattern and design. We visit “Monet and Boston: Lasting Impression” at the Museum of Fine Arts in Massachusetts. For the first time in 25 years, the museum exhibited its entire collection of Monet paintings.

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  • Merging

    In Ohio, the Weavers Guild of Miami Valley is a nonprofit Organization that embraces handweaving, hand spinning, and the textile arts. At the University of New Mexico, the computer Program Art1 gave artists the opportunity to use technology to render works of art. One of these artists was Frederick Hammersley who made over 150 groundbreaking illustrations in this manner. We take a trip to Reno, Nevada to see how art is being incorporated into the commercial space. Businesses and artists are working together to bring art to the community. Responding to the covid-19 pandemic, artist Talle Bamazi created a series of paintings that visualize the virus and its effect on the world.

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  • Reflections

    The African Commune of Bad Relevant Artists, otherwise known as AfriCOBRA, was founded in 1968. We meet one of the co-founders of the movement, Wadsworth Jarrell. Gordon Campbell is an aerial photographer. From above, he captures the impressive landscapes of the eastern shore with his camera. In Utah, the exhibit “Up Close and Far Away” at the Springville Museum of Art allowed students to artistically reflect on their experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic. We travel to the Florida Keys to see the sculpture “Red Nun.” Designed by multidisciplinary artist James Emerson, viewers are invited to step inside and become part of the artwork.

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  • Creative Freedom

    Mick Meilahn is a nationally renowned glass artist. Born into a fourth-generation farm family, he combines his love of farming with his love of art to render ears of corn made of glass. A native of Northeast Ohio, artist Daniel Arsham serves as the creative director of the basketball team the "Cleveland Cavaliers.” We learn the many ways in which he is leaving his mark. The Florida orchestra’s “ Inside the Music” series gives listeners an opportunity to understand the minds of famous composers. we hear from the orchestra s music director, Michael Francis, about the series great value.

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  • Giving A Voice

    In Lorain County, Ohio, a new theater company is making a splash. Called “Outside Circle Theater Project,” the company is providing a stage for underrepresented voices to share their story.The Sierra Highlanders Pipe Band in Reno, Nevada, has been bringing the music of scotland to eager audiences for over fifty years. We see the talent and dedication that goes into making a band like this one successful. Eric Rausch and Jen Kiko are a husband and wife creative duo who work together on meaningful public art projects.

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  • Giving Joy

    When artist Sarah Renee creates, she uses her imagination. In her artwork, she takes the everyday for a spin and renders fantastical creatures that leave viewers full of wonder. Invented in the early 20th century, the theremin is an electronic musical instrument that produces a fascinating, one-of-a-kind-sound... and it is one of the many instruments that musician Caroline Scruggs plays. When singer-songwriter Anthony “Tony” Manfredi performs, he hopes to bring joy to his audience. Based in the Florida Keys, his home is a tremendous source of inspiration. We take a trip to the Goodwill Art Studio and Gallery in Ohio to meet artist Helen Taylor. Through the act of creating, she finds an outlet for self-expression and hopes to help others.

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  • Rediscover

    Artist Titus Kaphar examines history and representation. In his work, he closes the distance between past and present, revealing history’ s impact on the contemporary world. For over twenty-five years, the Carson City Ghost Walk has been entertaining the public. Led by artist Mary Bennett, the historical tales and paranormal stories of Carson City, Nevada, are told through live theatre. Eco-feminist artist Mira Lehr renders abstract artworks that reflect on nature and our environment. Through mediums such as painting and sculpture, she conveys her message. When viewing Joan Snyder’s painting “Smashed Strokes Hope,” one notices the colorful brushwork. We go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York to look back at the exhibit “ Epic Abstraction,” which featured this work.

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  • Skills for Life

    For his book “Bridging the Mississippi,” Louisiana photographer Philip Gould traveled the entirety of the Mississippi River to capture the many bridges that cross over it. Started in 2018, “ Paint 22” is a non-profit that provides free art activities for military families. We meet the organization’s founder and some of the veterans who participate in the programming offered. Based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Darren Leung is a martial artist. Having learned his skills from his father, he has gone on to become a trainer, actor, and technical advisor.

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  • Tradition

    Oleg Kruglyakov is a Balalaika virtuoso. Growing up in Siberia, he works to preserve Russian folk music traditions alongside his music partner Terry Boyarsky. Every third Thursday of the month, the Morada Way Arts and Cultural District in Islamorada, Florida, has their monthly art walk. featuring a wide array of artists, this landmark event brings the community together. We take a trip underwater for an immersive experience in wisconsin. Called “Deep Lake Future,” this surreal art adventure imagines a future where freshwater invasive species have overrun the great lakes. In recognition of the fiftieth anniversary of hip-hop, the rock and roll hall of fame created an exhibition that highlights the movement’s musical and cultural impact across the globe.

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  • Your Best

    A navy sailor with a love for art, Brodrick Antoine creates portrait murals in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. We learn more about some of his striking works. At five years old, Lin He began his musical training in Shanghai, China, and today, one can find him excelling at his craft. From performing at Carnegie Hall to teaching, he has made a name for himself in the world of music. We take a trip to Ohio to meet multi-disciplinary artist Holly Romano. Combining alternative and traditional artmaking methods, she collaborates with nature. Founded in 2008, Fountainhead is an organization that elevates artists and gives back to the community through a residency program that has welcomed artists from across the globe.

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