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From wind power to green medicine, The Green Economy features practical ways the green economy is developing. Business leaders of our country are recognizing the need to refocus on responsible and sustainable ways to improve our world, all while making a tidy profit. The Green Economy showcases these improvements at work. We present the concept that we are the stewards of our world, necessitating a wise and conscientious caretaking of our environment for future generations. At the same time, we give a sincere nod to the business leaders and models that provide the opportunity to execute these ideas and create new jobs. Entrepreneurs take note!


  • Bio-Diesel

    Growing gas…that's one way to look at it. By focusing on using organic waste like used cooking oil and compost materials niche companies like Sequential Bio-Diesel have created their own industry. We will look at how it's grown, gathered, made and used.

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  • The Future of Energy: Solar Energy

    Stores like Real Goods in Humboldt County California carry everything you can think of solar including…yes you guessed it…solar toilets! We will look at the differences in the technology and how this endless energy source is being used. The future really is bright!

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  • Best of Green Economy Part 1

    Want highlights of the over 150 stories we’ve covered on The Green Economy? This episode will show you some of the highs (and lows)!

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  • Best of Green Economy Part 2

    In part 2 you we will show you why hosts Don McCoy and Andrew Mallory are the best! These hard working gents get themselves into some interesting situations and we will show you how.

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  • Catch and Release Fishing

    Hooking a Chinook Salmon can be a real fun experience, Andrew does just that. However if you can't recognize the difference between a wild and farm fish you could be paying a hefty fine. Expert guide Phil Paradis takes Andrew into the Columbia River in Oregon to find Chinook and Sturgeon.

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  • Ecopalooza

    Rock, hip hop, pacific islands, blues, country, big brass and even a Beatles cover band. The boys cover the Portland areas Ecopalooza Festival, a music celebration with an environmental awareness theme.

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  • Future of Food & Medicine: Green Beer

    Mendocino California is where hops, the lifeblood of beer, have been grown for generations. Brewers like Mendocino Brewing brew dozens of types of Organic beer and we find out how. Then we sample some of those and other great beers at Urban Hop Works in Portland Oregon where they have their own twist on beer. Along the way we stop at one of the largest hop farms in the West to see how they're grown.

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  • Future of Food & Medicine: Green Medicine

    Words like Naturopath and other less traditional terms to describe the healing process once were shunned by modern medicine and the general public. Today they are much more common and accepted. Procedures like acupuncture are prescribed by doctors routinely nowadays.

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  • Future of Food & Medicine: Green Wine

    Organic wine making is big business in California. We take a look at Frie Family Winery in Napa County where organic wine making was practically invented. Then we take a look at how this trend is moving north to Oregon where varietals like Pinot Noir are becoming the organic cash crop. Along the way we sample the tremendous wines available.

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  • Future of Food & Medicine: Organic Cooking

    There's nothing boring about organic cuisine anymore! Bland and dull are not words used to describe the food at places like Flying Lotus Café. This trend has to start up the stream a little further, which is where food giant like Sysco comes in. We find out what restaurants are looking for in the organic arena straight from the source.

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  • Future of Natural Resource Mgmt: Fisheries

    Beyond Catch & Release policies are experts who are dedicated to making sure the habitat for both commercial and sport fishing stays healthy. The Pacific Ocean is home to literally thousands of species of fish and other creatures. Here in the Northwest one of the best indicators to the health of the ocean is Salmon. The Green Economy looks at how experts are monitoring all aspects of the health of the fish. There are some major breakthroughs from a technical aspect that are making the monitoring all the more accurate.

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  • Future of Natural Resource Mgmt: Forestry

    Growing trees is not totally the job of Mother Nature anymore! Making sure logging doesn't tax future growth too much is an ever more increasingly important task. Using a relatively new high tech invention, the helicopter, to harvest hasn't been around that long but offers an interesting alternative to logging. We look at growing, managing and cutting of the new sustainable forest.

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  • Future of Natural Resource Mgmt: Waterways Superfund Part 1

    Cities around the United States grew up around the great arterial waterways. In the West, the Columbia and Willamette have seen 150 years of commerce and change and unfortunately have paid the price of the industrial revolution. It's not the water so much as the sediment on the bottom where PCB's and other toxins are threatening fish and other wildlife. There is a push to reverse the damage of the past by removing the worst of this sediment. This is a complex issue with an even more complex solution but we show you how they're doing it.

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  • Future of Natural Resource Mgmt: Waterways Superfund Part 2

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  • Future of Natural Resource Mgmt: Wildlife

    Lions…Tigers…Bears…Oh My! We find out how people who really care about wildlife are raising awareness about why our urban growth is literally making dangerous encounters with wild animals is becoming an everyday occurrence. We visit an exotic animal rescue to see lions, tigers and other wild animals are being cared for the best way possible. We also talk to experts about one of the most allusive animals, the wolf, is now making a comeback.

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  • Future of Transportation: Green Freight Rail Part2

    How does a major port like Long Beach and Los Angeles use rail to move the literal mountains of freight? We will show you. Also, think it's impossible for the exhaust of a locomotive to actually be cleaner than the air it takes in? It is!

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  • Green Fashion

    No, we're not talking about wearing grass skirts! Today biodegradable and sustainable materials are common on the rack in clothing stores. Not only are they common but they are down right… fashionable! We take a look and see what’s new.

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  • Sustainable Valley Part 1

    First came Silicone Valley with its explosion of computer technology now Jackson County Oregon has become Sustainable Valley where Green Business is born. Companies like Erickson Aircrane, Rogue Valley Microdevices, Bio Mass One and many others call this part of the country home. Don & Andrew will show us why they do.

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  • Sustainable Valley Part 2

    A continuation of how other companies are rethinking traditional business to be more sustainable. This episode includes companies like Skye Research and others who are working locally but thinking globally for a better tomorrow.

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  • Sustainable Valley Part 3

    The third installment in this study shows us how companies like Pacific Power and their program Blue Sky puts the homeowner in control of their electric bill more than ever before. They along with several other groups that are making Southern Oregon the place to be for Green business.

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  • The Better Living Show

    New inventions, new sustainable trends, fun activities and more are all to be seen and experienced at the Better Living Show in Portland. The boys visit to find out more and do a little entertaining themselves.

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