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America's National Monuments: The Geologic West


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Join Jordan Murphy as he takes you on a journey to eleven spectacular National Monuments throughout America's Pacific Northwest. The Geologic West is a priceless voyage from the dawn of history to the present. Explore prehistoric America and its treasure trove of fossils in Wyoming, Idaho and Oregon. Unearth riches that show the spectacular and fiery geologic past of the Pacific Northwest. See human history unfold from the California Indian Wars, to the conservation movement of the late 19th century, to the heartbreak of Japanese American internment during WWII, to the amazing taming of the Snake River in Idaho for agriculture. It is a stunning trip ... An adventure never to be forgotten.


  • Fossil Treasures of the Pacific Northwest

    National Monuments Featured on this program: Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument - Home of the ancestor of modern horses. Fossil Butte National Monument - The world's greatest fossil site with millions of specimens. John Day Fossil Beds National Monument - 10, 000 square miles spanning 40 million years of ancient life.

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  • Great Biodiversity of Pacific Northwest

    National Monuments featured in this program: Cabrillo National Monument - An amazing story of marine and terrestrial biodiversity. Oregon Caves National Monument - Spectacular cave geology is combined with the diversity of plants and animals to tell a unique story of the Pacific Northwest.

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  • Historic Pacific Northwest

    National Monuments featured in this program: Lava Beds National Monument - Ancient volcanic history mixes with America's Indian wars. Muir Woods National Monument - Honors the origins of America's Conservation and Preservation Movements. Minidoka Internment National Monument - Tells the shameful story of the internment of loyal Japanese Americans in WWII.

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  • Pacific Northwest's Ring of Fire

    National Monuments featured in this program: Pinnacles National Monument - Home to the California condor. Craters of the Moon National Monument - The ghostly splendor of desolation and geology is revealed in its spectacular black lava. Devils Postpile National Monument - Tells the story of Sierra Nevada Mountain Range.

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