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America's National Monuments: The Historic South


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Join Jordan Murphy as he explores eleven spectacular National Monuments throughout America's historic southland. Travel from the prehistoric ruins of Louisiana, Georgia and Alabama to the center of Colonial Spain and what would become the United States. See where the slave trade began in the Caribbean and how it was brought to the United States through the Jamestown colony, in Virginia. Then travel to the battlegrounds where the Civil Warbegan and was fought in the Historic South. It is also a journey of natural history from the dawn of the Appalachian Mountains to the modern day rich agricultural lands of the south ... To the diverse wildlife of the region's hardwood swamps ... And to the spectacular underwater world of the Virgin Island's coral reefs.


  • Civil War and the Confederacy

    The Civil War was the most devastating event in American history. Three southern national monuments tell the story of the war's origin . .. The attack that started the conflict ... And how the American Civil War changed the country and the very nature of warfare itself. Monuments in this program: George Washington Carver National Monument - Born into slavery, he became one of America's greatest scientists (Missouri). Fort Sumter National Monument - On these hallowed grounds, the first shot of the Civil War was fired (South Carolina). Fort Pulaski National Monument - The site where the nature of warfare changed forever (Georgia).

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  • Prehistoric Native Americans

    In the South are ruins of prehistoric cities, rivaling any in the ancient world. They were built by Native American cultures living in the South. It is a largely unknown story ... A story you can learn by traveling to the region's three national monuments devoted to pre-history. Monuments on this Program: Poverty Point National Monument -Tells the story of America's oldest city (Louisiana). Russell Cave National Monument - The longest continually occupied cave in North America (Alabama). Ocmulgee National Monument - One of the great City-States of the Mississippian Culture (Georgia).

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  • Slavery and the Plantation System

    The American South is home to some of the world's most spectacular ecosystems, from coral reefs to salt water marshes. It is also home to the origin of slavery and the plantation system in America. Three national monuments present this profound legacy of ecology and history ... a history that includes the birth of the nation's first and greatest president, George Washington. Monuments in this program: Virgin Islands National Monuments - Buck Island Reef and Virgin Islands Coral Reef National Monuments are underwater paradises and a lynchpin of the slave trade. George Washington Birthplace National Monument - The early story of George Washington and the origin of the plantation system (Virginia).

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  • Southern Spanish Colonies

    Of the three European countries vying for control of what would become the United States, Spain was the first to establish a colony more than 40 years before the English founded Jamestown. Three monuments tell the rich story of colonial Spain in the South. Monuments in this Program: Fort Matanzas and Castillo de San Marcos National Monuments - These two monuments tell the rise and fall of the Spanish Empire in what would become the United States (Florida). Fort Frederica National Monument - Today a colonial ghost town, where the pivotal battle between English Colonists and Spanish colonists took place (Georgia).

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