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  • Cancer Survivorship

    Close to Home: Cancer Survivorship follows physicians and their patients through their cancer battles, exploring themes of fear, hope, faith, journey, advocacy, and care-giving. Cancer Survivorship shares intimate stories of survivors on their journey through cancer.

    Length: 00:26:45
    Usage rights: 9/23/2017 to 9/22/2020
  • Changed By War

    Close to Home: Changed by War Hosted by Tony Orlando, shares intimate stories from Vietnam Veterans who have experienced Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The moving film gives voice to veterans describing their experiences of war and recovery.

    Length: 00:26:46
    Usage rights: 10/28/2017 to 10/27/2020
  • Depression

    "Close to Home: Depression explores the themes of fear, stigma, hope, help, and recovery to inspire those whose lives have been touched by depression. "Together with a host of outstanding community partners, this program aims to open dialogue around the topic of depression, helping to change the conversation to one of support and understanding."

    Length: 00:26:40
    Usage rights: 9/23/2017 to 9/22/2020
  • Street Medicine

    Close to Home: Street Medicine shares stories of people struggling with homelessness and follows a Street Medicine team as they administer health care services. The program provides viewers with a glimpse of the complexities the homeless population faces. This moving film gives voice to various service providers and patients, exploring themes of Journey, Survival, Hope and Recovery.

    Length: 00:26:46
    Usage rights: 10/28/2017 to 10/27/2020