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  • Celebrating Our Heritage

    Passed down from generation to generation, heritage is something that not only tells us where we came from, but informs who we are today. In this episode, we’ll meet the people of Utah’s historic Spring City, experience the different cultures of Latin America with Ballet Folklórico, and learn about the role of Chinese rail workers whose labor helped build the transcontinental railroad. Originally founded in 1852, Spring City is one of only two towns in the United States that has been recognized as a National Historic District on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. No matter where you go in Spring City, you’ll find living remnants of the past — from the oolite limestone homes to the Victorian-style public school house. We’ll meet some of the current residents of this picturesque small town, and hear how the rich history of the place can be felt in their lives today. People connect with their heritage in different ways. For the members of Ballet Folklórico de las Américas, they connect with the cultures and traditions of their families through dance. Ballet Folkl rico has brought the traditional folk dances of México, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Venezuela, Ecuador, Cuba, and other Latin American nations to Utah audiences since 1979. For Artistic Director Irma Hofer, her work at Ballet Folklórico is not only a way to teach new generations about Latin American dance — it’s also a way for her to remember her father, a lifelong Mariachi musician. In the iconic photograph of the event, the Golden Spike ceremony depicts a gathering of railway owners and workers celebrating the completion of the transcontinental railroad. But one group is notably absent from the famous image — the Chinese railroad workers whose labor sped the project toward its completion. Margaret Yee is the great-granddaughter of one such railroad worker, and the chairperson of Descendants of Chinese Railroad Workers, a group that is working to make sure the contributions of Chinese Americans to the railroad effort are not forgotten. Margaret’s great-grandfather built the railroad as a bridge between Americans and Chinese, and 150 years later, Margaret is carrying on the legacy.

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  • Food for Thought

    Artist Kent Christensen is known for his candy-colored paintings, but he’s also a savvy pop artist, offering a visual critique on everything from green Jell-O to the relationship between modern Latter-day Saints and Coca-Cola. His latest work, “Secrets of the Great Salt Lake,” takes inspiration from the famous triptych by Hieronymus Bosch, “The Garden of Earthly Delights.” Incorporating color, symmetry, and a bit of surrealism, Kent paints the things people obsesses about — whether it’s sweets, spirals, food, or faith. Vermont may be the “craft beer capital” of America, but when it comes to artisan chocolate, Utah takes the cake. At the forefront of Utah’s bean-to-bar revolution are chocolate connoisseurs Matt Caputo, CEO of Caputo's Market & Deli, and Brian Ruggles, the president/founder of Utah Chocolate Society. While Caputo’s stocks hundreds of different varieties of craft chocolate at its namesake markets around the valley, it’s people like Brian who are there to taste-test each and every one. We’ll explore Utah's fascination with this culinary treat from the chocolate makers to the chocolate eaters who sniff, snap, and savor each bite. In a small town east of Capitol Reef National Park sits Mesa Farm Market, a quaint organic roadside market on the edge of 50-acre farm. Its owner, Randy Ramsley, has been serving up fresh garden tomatoes, oven­fired bread, and farmstead goat cheese for 22 years. To get his product out to customers, Ramsley has forged a unique relationship with Caputo's Market in Salt Lake City; you’ll find both varieties of Mesa Farms' signature Tomme aging to perfection within Caputo's cheese cave. To experience this revered cheese for yourself, be sure to stop by Mesa Farm Market the next time you're near Caineville — it's worth the detour. Visit the This Is Utah page to learn more about the series and upcoming episodes.

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  • Go Dog Go

    Humankind has always had a desire for speed. Hold onto your hats as we ride along with land speed world record holders at Bonneville Speed Week, join Snowbird’s avalanche rescue dogs as they race against time to find trapped skiers in the backcountry, and hit the ice with Olympic long track speed skater Jerica Tandiman. Each summer, self-proclaimed “motorheads” from around the world make the pilgrimage to a unique geologic feature in Utah’s west desert — the Bonneville International Speedway. The gathering of tricked-out hot rods and aerodynamic streamliners is one of the last remaining races open to both amateurs and professionals, where little if any sponsorship money is involved. Instead, racers compete for the love of the sport. Meet four Utah families — the Volks, Nishes, Youngbloods, and Burkdolls — who have left their tracks on the salt for generations. Little Cottonwood Canyon is the birthplace of U.S. avalanche science, and at the forefront of many a snowy search & rescue operation, there s an avalanche rescue dog. Avalanche rescue dogs play a critical role in backcountry safety, where minutes can mean the difference between life and death. We’ll meet Snowbird Ski Patroller Marguerite Van Komen and her partner Frankie the rescue dog, and see how our furry friends are working to keep Utah’s outdoor enthusiasts safe in the face of disaster. For long track speed skater Jerica Tandiman, becoming an Olympic athlete would not have been possible had she not grown up just down the street from the Utah Olympic Oval in Kearns, one of the few indoor long track facilities in North America. Skating on the polished ice of the Oval has long been a daily regimen for Jerica, who has been racing since she was in elementary school. Speed skating is a grueling, physically demanding sport — but on top of her physical prowess, Jerica maintains that it was her positive attitude and outlook that took her to the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang.

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  • Small Town, Big Vision

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