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  • Review of Present Simple Tense

    In this lesson, we're going to look very closely at grammar. We'll look at the present simple tense and the present continuous tense and compare them. When specifically do we use each one and why? The present simple tense, we use for habits, routines, everyday, often. We make the present simple tense by adding an S or ES to the he, she or it, singular person. The present continuous tense, we use for something that is right now. We make the present continuous tense with the verb B plus the main verb ending in ING. Next we'll also look at possessive adjectives. This lesson will teach you how to show belonging to you.

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  • Spelling Rules

    This lesson teaches spelling rules, (using i after e, dropping the final e, changing a final y to i, add es, doubling a final consonant ing, ed), review of verbs, nouns, pronouns, upper/lower case, identifiers, present simple tense, present continuous tense, vowels & consonants, prepositions of place, forming sentences. We are going to look at spelling rules, make sure that you are correctly writing your words and then look at everything that we have learned so far in Lessons 1 through 4. The main rules that everyone will learn are the following. Rule number 1: i before e except after c. Rule number 2: drop the final e. Rule number 3: change the Y to I. Rule number 4: When you have a word that ends in a vowel and then a consonant, (like the word stop)you double the final letter.

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