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America's Forests with Chuck Leavell: Minnesota

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AMERICA'S FORESTS WITH CHUCK LEAVELL captures the breadth of our nation's woodlands - both public and private. We feature different stories that demonstrate how vital forest habitats are to the well-being and economic health of communities across the country. In this series, we present individuals who embody this passion for the woods, from architects to artists, from climbers to carpenters. Host Chuck Leavell is one of a kind. Often on tour with The Rolling Stones, he's both acclaimed as a rock-and-roll piano player AND as a conservationist tree farmer. After studying forestry by correspondence and doing much of his homework while riding a tour bus with the Fabulous Thunderbirds in the mid-'80s, Chuck and wife Rose Lane White Leavell turned her family's plantation near Macon, GA., into what has become a textbook tree farm.



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