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Girl Unscripted


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Family, love, heartbreak, opportunity, poverty, abuse, drugs...the life of a girl is complicated, and they frequently have no means of expressing themselves, or worse, no one who'll listen. Relating to these struggles of teenage girls, award-winning filmmaker Tara Veneruso took this to heart and started a filmmaking camp for girls- giving them the opportunity to express themselves and tell their stories. This documentary series spans more than10 years where we see teenagers/pre-teens transform into full grown women; a fascinating chance to experience life through the eyes of open and brave girls. The accounts the filmmaker documents are raw, touching, sad, and hopeful. The trials and triumphs of a person's life in her own words.. .a "Girl Unscripted."


  • At-Risk Girl

    Bounced from foster home to foster home when she isn't living on the streets, no one knows how to deal with Jessie... especially not herself.

    Length: 00:59:00
    Usage rights: 10/2/2023 to 10/1/2026
  • Family Girl

    Crista was abandoned by her mother and moved into public housing with her aunt. Even after her mother ruined her credit score and broke countless promises, Crista still holds out hope that her mom will step up and be a part of her life

    Length: 00:59:00
    Usage rights: 10/9/2023 to 10/8/2026
  • Foster Girl

    Pearl longs to escape the seemingly endless cycle of temporary homes so she can return to her abusive father. And Larissa causes trouble for her sister Anoela, because whenever she acts out for attention, they're both sent to a new home.

    Length: 00:59:00
    Usage rights: 10/16/2023 to 10/15/2026
  • Grownup Girl

    With the benefit of hindsight, Clarissa gives advice to her younger self.

    Length: 00:59:00
    Usage rights: 11/6/2023 to 11/5/2026
  • Mad Girl

    Hardship breeds insecurity that takes two very different paths, leading Rebel Without a Cause Jenny to act out against others, as the self-appointed outcast Clarissa acts out against herself.

    Length: 00:59:00
    Usage rights: 10/23/2023 to 10/22/2026
  • The Boys

    Parents prove oblivious as the 14-year-old Erica dates a 17-year-old boy, while terrible secrets hide in the shadows of Rachel's home.

    Length: 00:59:00
    Usage rights: 10/30/2023 to 10/29/2026