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Grade Levels: 6 - 12
Core Subject(s): Physical Education
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  • Repertory Dance Theater Rehearses and Performs "Chairs" by Choreographer Zvi Gotheiner

    Repertory Dance Theater (RDT) dancers work with choreographer Zvi Gotheiner. A practice session, interactions with the choreographer and a portion of the finished performance of his piece titled "Chairs" are included.

    Length: 00:03:16
  • Repertory Dance Theater's Children's Initiatives

    Repertory Dance Theater's (RDT's) commitment to educating children about dance and their involvement in Artist-in-the-Schools presentations is discussed. Dancer Lynne Listing teaches dance movements to elementary school students.

    Length: 00:01:18
  • Repertory Dance Theater's Deomcratic Srtucture

    Linda C. Smith and the narrator, Ricklin Nobis, discuss how RDT's democratic structure encouraged every member to learn both the artistic and business side of the organization. Kay Burrell, set designer, discusses how dancers, production staff and management all work together. All members continue to work on all aspects of the company even though Kate Clark and Linda C. Smith ultimately emerged as artistic directors, Clips are featured of dancers rehearsing "Summit" by David Parsons and performing "Solitaire" by Susan Hadley.

    Length: 00:02:15
  • The Beginnings of Repertory Dance Theater

    Narrator Ricklin Nobis and RDT director Linda C. Smith tell the story of Repertory Dance Theater's beginnings. They explore the purpose of the initial Rockefeller Foundation Grant, awarded to the University of Utah, that created this professional modern dance troupe, the process of selecting dancers, and the historical and cultural reasons why Salt Lake City was chosen for this initiative. Historic photos, newspaper clippings and footage of RDT dancers in performance are included.

    Length: 00:03:55
  • The Definition of a "Repertory Company" and the Mission of Utah's Repertory Dance Theater

    RDT Director Linda C. Smith discusses the development of modern dance companies in the US, the historic pattern of establishing companies devoted to the works of one choreographer, and the change represented by Repertory Dance Theater that collects and performs the works of various choreographers. Dancer Ellen Bromberg talks about the proliferation of repertory dance companies in the West following the creation of RDT. Linda C. Smith reminisces about bringing noted choreographers to RDT to teach existing dances to the company and to encourage the creation of new dances. She explains that the troupe's democratic structure includes everyone in artistic decisions. RDT's mission to perform, preserve, create and educate the public about modern dance is explained. Clips of choreography from several modern masters are performed.

    Length: 00:02:22



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