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Randall Lake's Studio

Grade Levels: 6 - 12
Core Subject(s): Fine Arts - Visual Arts
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  • Painting as a Nineteenth-Century Pursuit

    Randall Lake explains that he has consciously chosen to live a more nineteenth century style life because he has studied history and believes that earlier generations sometimes lived more interesting, creative lives. He also talks about the space in this studio awhile he is painting a still life in oil using props he has set up for reference.

    Length: 00:01:45
  • Paintings With Traditional Subject Matter Are More Accepted Than Those Exploring Contemporary Issues

    Randall Lake discusses the disparity between what he paints to make a living and what he wants to paint to explore contemporary life and issues. He talks about his painting of an AIDS patient called "A Silent War" and also about his painting of a punk rocker, saying he would like to spend more time doing this kind of art. He goes on to explain that he can't focus on this kind of art because he has to make a living and people want pretty paintings to complement their decor. Lake's self-portrait is among the paintings featured.

    Length: 00:01:55
  • Strong Art is Often Not Appreciated During Its Own Time

    Randall Lake paints a portrait of a man, working from a live model, as he discusses his goal of painting 20th century subjects using 19th century techniques. He describes how the works of artists who paint scenes of contemporary life are often not appreciated until a few decades have passed and acknowledges that often people will not buy strong paintings from the time period in which they live. He reminisces about studying art in Paris at a time of student unrest and about the paintings that were being produced to represent that period of time. Examples of his own paintings of students from this period as well as photos of Paris are featured.

    Length: 00:02:03



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